If you have a PC, put Trine 2 on your radar

In case you missed it last year, Trine was a sweet little platform game for PC. Its controls aren’t as tight as Mario, I admit, but it’s still a “fun, magical-looking, and well-told game that’s easily worth the $20 sticker price.” Since the PC is by far your second favorite platform, I thought you guys might enjoy it as well, especially the upcoming second game (shown).

It’s official: PC is Infendo’s favorite non-Nintendo system

Multiple sources today confirmed that Infendo.com has named the “personal computer” the best gaming system not made by Nintendo. “I just sorta posted the poll on a whim, and the readers responded in-kind,” said Blake, Infendo publisher and chief Boss Hog. “We had like a bajillion respondents.” In truth, only 524 readers participated as of today. But whatever. Wh...

Pokemon online, a Battle simulator

While searching online for more information relating to the new Pokémon series, White and Black, I came across a website called Pokemon Online. Pokemon Online is a downloadable program that allows you to have pokemon battles on your PC with people all over the world… according to their description. This is the most up to date Pokemon Battle Simulator that allows a person to experience real ...

After PC, are shooters better on Wii?

That’s the question IGN asked this week. And despite being a much more popular genre on HD consoles, columnist Michael Thomsen thinks shooters are better on Wii. The simple act of moving in a Wii shooter has a slow gravitas suggestive of being in control of an actual human body and not a camera tripod on greased wheels… What [Wii shooters] lack in technical stature and one-sided nuance...

Youtube Tuesday – Developer’s Voice [Cave Story]

The long wait is finally over as Cave Story will appear on the Wii Shop Channel under the WiiWare tag next week. Cave Story is one of those games that is old school yet it feels refreshingly new. If you haven’t played it or heard anything about the game… I suggest you check out this video. Any Cave Story fans excited about the games release next week?

Things I do when I am really Bored Some say that doing Pixel Art is boring, well they’re wrong!

When I am having a rough time drawing or thinking up how to write an article or an essay I usually mess around with pixel art. No, I am not opening MS Paint or some other program to plot dot after dot, I am working on a grand scale here. I take huge colored icon squares and place them on a plain background either dark grey, or light grey, and just go to town. While this probably not the most produ...

What if Garry’s Mod and Mother 3 had a Baby? It would be something like this, oh wait, this is real and playable!

Recently during my gaming exploits I heard some talk about a Mother 3 game for Garry’s Mod. For those of you who don’t know Garry’s mod is a game on steam that runs off the source engine where people can create their own applications or games using the source engine in conjunction with their own code built in Lua. Yet, what is truly amazing about this Mother 3 game mod, called Ch...

Review: Tales of Monkey Island The Trial & Execution of Guybrush Threepwood

It seems that everyone has it out for Guybrush Treepwood lately in the latest installment of Tales of Monkey Island. After being knocked out and kidnapped by the lovely Morgan Le Flay, Guybrush, once again finds himself heading towards the shores of Flotsam Island. As most of you know the deranged doctor De Singe has been dying to get his hands on Guybrush since he originally washed up on the shor...

YouTube Tuesday – The Mushroom Massacre

The following is a video for a game modification. While the game wasn’t published on a Nintendo console or hand held system, the modification makes it worthy to be posted. Hit the jump to check it out.

Epic Mickey, Style your Desktop with some Art

Hey Infendo, I recently found the hires version of the Epic Mickey game informer cover. This of course doesn’t have any of the text on it, and it is at a high resolution of 1920 x 1147. You can download the wallpaper here

Review: Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 3The Lair of the Leviathan [PC-Wii]

We last left off with Guybrush Treepwood and his self elected first mate as they sail from spinner clay. They are well on their way to finding the elusive ‘La Esponja el Grande’. The one relic that is the cure to the dreaded evil pox that Guybrush has released on the Caribbean. While out at sea well on their way to their next destination, until Guybrush gets attacked by the ferocious p...

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