After PC, are shooters better on Wii?

metroid prime 3 wii screenshotThat’s the question IGN asked this week. And despite being a much more popular genre on HD consoles, columnist Michael Thomsen thinks shooters are better on Wii.

The simple act of moving in a Wii shooter has a slow gravitas suggestive of being in control of an actual human body and not a camera tripod on greased wheels… What [Wii shooters] lack in technical stature and one-sided nuance, they make up for with creative potential, and a richer palate of core mechanics that are so often totally ignored in dual analog shooters.

While I agree with what he’s saying, and I think Metroid Prime 3 controls like a dream, I’m not sure the overall experience is far more superior on Wii than dual thumb waggles. It’s just different. No?