Otterman Empire Review

Well hey there! It’s your boy Colt and I’m here with another review! Today we’re looking at a game called Otterman Empire on The Switch! Let’s do it!

In this game you play as Otters who try to stop an evil otter that wants to take over the world. This game is exactly like a cute otter version of Splatoon. Same battle style and controls. It is a great game that I find extremely enjoyable and a slightly different flavor than Splatoon.  

Right now where the game stands with me is nearly fantastic, just one glaring detail. No online play. It’s all couch coop. Now, the developer has stated they’re adding online to the console editions, but until that is added I’m just sitting here waiting to play against others. Rest assured though, I just need to be patient and that enjoyment will come soon!

This game is $24.99, which will be perfect as a Splatoon alternative when they add online. I personally have been really enjoying it, but will love it EVEN MORE when I can play against people online. In short, I think you get it once the online update comes(and who knows, maybe it hits a sale around that time too)!