#Funtime Review

Hey there guys! I got a code for a great game from One Guy Games called #Funtime. This is gonna be a pretty quick review because this bad boy is simple and straight to the point. LET’S GO!

This game reminds me so much of geometry wars. It’s a twin stick shooter that is very difficult to put down. It is a great game to sink 5 minutes in while you’re having some spare time, or hours while you have a beer and try to crush your previous high score! 

The game has two versions: Challenge and Arcade.

Challenge is a set amount of levels that have various objectives to pass. These are very fun and I enjoy trying to get 3 stars in each level. There’s time trials, enemy clearance, escaping the area, etc. I think they add an interesting objective to twin stick shooters and are needed.

Now, Arcade is much more insane. There are 6 different modes in arcade: Survival, Large survival, Open survival, Waves, Zones, and Funtime.

I’m sure you guys already understand the survival modes; various sized maps to fight your way through and survive as long as possible. In Waves, you battle through 50 waves of enemies all growing in difficulty. Zones is an interesting mode where you must traverse the map and get into zones of the same color as you. Finally there’s a funtime mode, where you destroy your enemies by swinging with a wrecking ball.

This bad boy is $14.99 and I strongly suggest everyone picks it up! I don’t really have anything negative to say about it because I find it truly enjoyable and a great time waster! I hope you do as well!