Otterman Empire Review

Well hey there! It’s your boy Colt and I’m here with another review! Today we’re looking at a game called Otterman Empire on The Switch! Let’s do it! In this game you play as Otters who try to stop an evil otter that wants to take over the world. This game is exactly like a cute otter version of Splatoon. Same battle style and controls. It is a great game that I find extrem...

#Funtime Review

Super Mega Baseball 3 Review

Hey there guys! It’s your boy Colt and I’m back with another review of probably my favorite game on the Switch! For those that know me, you already know how psyched I was for Super Mega Baseball 3 to come out, and now we have it and it is so much more than I thought it would be! Super Mega Baseball is the perfect blend of simulation and arcade baseball that works SO WELL, especially on...

Steel Series Arctis 3 Bluetooth

Hey guys, Colt here! I picked up a new headset and I just HAD to tell you guys about them, they are amazing! Let’s do this! The Steel Series Arctis 3’s with bluetooth are a MUST especially for the Nintendo Switch if you use the Nintendo app for communication or Discord Voice Chat. The fantastic thing about these headphones is you can plug them into your switch via audio jack (or xbox/P...

Gurgamoth Review

Hey there fam! I’m Colt and I’m back with another great review! Much like this game, it’ll be simple, short, and sweet so let’s HIT IT!! The game I am reviewing today is called GURGAMOTH! Even the name sends chills down my spine! It is a 2D fighter and admittedly, when I first read that, I was a little weary, with Super Smash Bros and Mortal Kombat, how can anything compete...

Exception Review

Hey y’all!! Colt is back with another review! This is a little video game called Exception, and I CANNOT wait to talk to you about it so without further ado, let’s get to it!! Exception is a 2D platformer where you play as a thread in a computer that is getting attacked by a virus. You’re armed with a sword as you slash your way through enemies and bosses to save the system and f...

Infendo Radio 491 – Special Guest Matt Desind

Welcome to the greatest Nintendo Podcast this side of the Mushroom Kingdom! This week on Infendo Radio, Matt Desind joins the fray to give us his review of Steamworld Quest! After that, we play a round of Nintentunes, and then we answer your questions from the Question Block!

Pikuniku Review

Hey there folks! Time for my first review of the New Year! Today I’m bringing you an interesting little game called Pikuniku! I have a little bit to discuss so strap in and get ready!

Infendo Radio 475 – Games, Games, Games!

How's your New Year's resolution coming along? Still hitting the gym and not eating bread? Yeah, us neither. Don't worry though, Infendo is here to help you with two hours of entertainment to take with you where ever you need motivation!

Legend of Zelda Hyrule Warriors

Alright Zelda fans, here comes my review for Hyrule Warriors on the Switch! This may be the hardest review I have done/ will ever do, because I have a lot of positives yet one huge negative which I will get into in a minute. Hyrule warriors takes place out of the timeline, Gannon has been defeated and his soul separated into 4 pieces. His grunts are attempting to bring the soul parts back together...

Skies of Fury DX Review

Hey there guys! Here comes my first review! Skies or Fury DX has been a game that I’ve been playing quite a bit these past few weeks after finding it on sale for $13. Strap into the cockpit and be ready to take off! Skies of fury is an aerial combat game based in WW2. You play 50 levels as part of the British forces and 50 levels as the German forces. Let me start by saying I LOVE the art st...

Octopath Traveler Review

Octopath Traveler is one of those games I didn't know I wanted until I saw it for the first time. After dozens of hours and numerous tough battles it brought back nostalgia for an era of jrpgs I had thought had died long ago and I am more than happy to see making a resurgence.

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