Gurgamoth Review

Hey there fam! I’m Colt and I’m back with another great review! Much like this game, it’ll be simple, short, and sweet so let’s HIT IT!!

The game I am reviewing today is called GURGAMOTH! Even the name sends chills down my spine! It is a 2D fighter and admittedly, when I first read that, I was a little weary, with Super Smash Bros and Mortal Kombat, how can anything compete? Well let me tell y’all, it’s not the same at ALL! Because of this, I’m going to go on the record now and say immediately get on and download it!

Instead of a traditional fighter, you pick one of four characters and you enter one of a multitude of arenas filled with spike walls, laser beams, ice, etc. The controls are extremely simple where all you do it move around, bump, block, or evade. The objective is to bump your opponents to their untimely doom and be the last one standing! When you do, you fill a circle and whoever fills three circles first awakens Gurgamoth first and wins!


This game is very simple to pick up. anyone can easily grab it and start playing right away, having a great time! There is a term tossed around in our community be our Great Eugene and that is: This game is an unbelievably great pooping game! Now, to the people who don’t understand what that means FEAR NOT! It is a term of endearment! This purely means it is a great game that whenever you have 5 minutes to spare to break out your Switch, you can open this game up, play, and feel like you ACTUALLY did something. You enjoyed your time and accomplished something other than walking in some RPG for 5 minutes not really doing anything. This game is perfect because while I have spent quite a bit of time playing it for an hour or so straight at a time, it’s also a great game to spend 5 minutes during a commercial break or when you have a break at work. The matches are quick and releasing Gurgamoth 3 or so times really makes you feel like you accomplished the most in a 5 minute span! This game really works with  that and for that reason alone, should be on everyones Switch!

Now the cons:

There is two small complaints I have about it.

  1. Sometimes during the craziness, it is tough to see which person your playing as, often leading to a mistaken death. Now, each character is different colors which is what I believe is supposed to fix this issue. I think if they made the colors a tad brighter, or made the fighters slightly bigger, it wouldn’t be an issue. Don’t get me wrong, this makes the game a bit humorous because you think you’re about to destroy two fighters for the win. Instead you attack in the complete other direction and pushing straight into spikes!
  2. I only wish is this game had online multiplayer. It has local, but I would love to spend hours with my online friends to play! Now with that I must add that for the first two days, I actually thought I was playing online against randoms, because of how good the AI’s play! So with that, I’m okay with playing some clever bots.

Overall, this game is a must! It is a great game that you can spend 5 minutes, or 2 hours playing! I think anyone will really dig it! So what did you guys think? Are you going to pick it up? Did you pick it up? Let me know in the comments! Until then, GAME ON!!!