Steel Series Arctis 3 Bluetooth

Hey guys, Colt here! I picked up a new headset and I just HAD to tell you guys about them, they are amazing! Let’s do this!

The Steel Series Arctis 3’s with bluetooth are a MUST especially for the Nintendo Switch if you use the Nintendo app for communication or Discord Voice Chat. The fantastic thing about these headphones is you can plug them into your switch via audio jack (or xbox/PS4 controller) and at the same time, bluetooth into your phone or computer! This means you can listen to in game audio, while talking on the phone, listening to music, watch youtube, etc! Onto of this, there is a nice mute button on the headset to mute your mic, as well as a mic that pulls in and out of the headset, depending on where it is most comfortable for you, or even needed at all!

I am a big multitasker so I LOVE these because I can join Discord conversations, watch Netflix, listen to music, or even check out walkthroughs on youtube all while hearing what’s happening in game! This is great to chill out while playing Animal Crossing and watching a movie, listen to what’s happening in Rainbow 6 and talking to your team through discord, or even playing music while playing a sports game. They charge through a micro usb input and they charge pretty fast and last many nights of playing with bluetooth on!

These bad boys are $99.99 at and you guys need to check them out! They’re a small price to play for the functionality and you WILL not regret it!

So that’s it for today fam! I have been enjoying them and I think you will too! What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments section below and as always…. GAME ON!!!!