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An Interview with Horizon Chase Composer Barry Leitch

Chasing the Horizon in Top Gear (Yes, that was the best title I could think of. Deal with it.) Today, Aquiris Game Studio released their hit mobile game, Horizon Chase, on the PlayStation 4 and Steam in an enhanced Turbo

Infendo Spotlight – Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Sissel’s night isn’t going very well. He wakes up in a garbage dump. He can’t remember anything, not even his own name. Oh, and he’s dead. The one advantage he has in this scenario is his power to “trick” objects

Infendo Spotlight: Dragon Warrior Monsters

Dragon Warrior Monsters was a Gameboy title released by Enix in 1998/2000. It was the first spinoff in the Dragon Quest series of games, featuring many of the same monsters from those titles, with the twist that in this game,

A CHALLENGER APPROACHES – 10 Characters That Should Be In Super Smash Bros Switch

With the Announcement of Super Smash Bros Switch coming out this year its a good time to speculate on some of the new characters that might be in the new Smash. Of course Nintendo always manages to bring in a

Top 10 Popular Old School Games by Nintendo

There is no dearth of video games developers in the world, thanks to the huge demand. However, few have the creativity and capacity to maintain a reputation for decades after decades. Without a doubt, Nintendo lands on one of the