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A Beginner’s Guide To EVs and IVs In Pokemon

So, You Want To Be A Pokemon Master… The journey is over – the world is safe, and Team Skull is thwarted. “Now that the story’s done, I’ll hop online and see how I do.” After having your team destroyed

This Day In Gaming History – April 24th

On this day 4 years ago, NES Remix 2 was released on the WiiU. NES Remix 2 featured several games that were absent from the first title, including Kirby’s Adventure, Kid Icarus, Punch Out!!, both versions of Super Mario Bros.

Tuesday Tunes-day: Unwind With Some Gaming Music

Need a few new pick-me-ups to get you through the week? Give these songs a listen, and put a little musical goodness in your Tuesday!  

Chance Time – Test Your NES Knowledge With Our Quiz

NES quiz

The Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES, was the one that started it all. How much do you know about this groundbreaking home console? Take our short quiz and find out! Have more questions you’d like asked in future quizzes? Comment

Infendo Radio 438 – Pokéception

Infendo Radio is a Nintendo podcast that records every Wednesday night at 8:30 EST. Be sure to join us live, and please subscribe to our YouTube Channel! Love Nintendo podcasts? Want to support Infendo Radio? Be sure to check out

Ultra Shiny Pokemon Trademark Supposedly Filed By Gamefreak

Gamefreak has registered a trademark for “Ultra Shiny”, leading many fans to believe a new gimmick may be entering the wonderful world of Pokemon. This supposed photo of the trademark was posted by twitter user @pokexperto on April 20th, and