Infendo Radio 486 – Our Favorite Video Game Music in Infendo Top 5

Welcome to Infendo Radio 486! This week , we have some breaking Nintendo Switch news before we have an Infendo Top 5 like no other! After that, Steve leads us in a round of 20 questions.

Manly And Girly Characters Should Be Celebrated, Not Rejected

Playing persona 4, my character opens a book to read. “The Man’s Series” is the book I’m currently working through in that game. Each time I read it, my Courage stat gets a boost, which will help me with interactions with other characters further down the road. The game gives these little book-reading segments flavour text, before rewarding you with your stat boost. In this...

Infendo Radio 485 – Nindies Direct w/ Guest Matt Smith

Welcome to Infendo Radio 485! Nintendo likes to drop Nintendo Directs on us on show-nights, so we have no choice but to talk all about it! After breaking news, we have a round-table discussion and then play a round of Nintentunes!

Infendo Radio 484 – Metric Pika-Ton

Welcome to Infendo Radio! On this week's show we have an Infendo Top 5 all about our favorite Switch games! After that, Eugene hosts a round of 3 Word Reviews, and we talk about the games we have been playing in Change the System!

Top 5 Myths About Slots – Misconceptions And Debunking?

Draw a parallel between various table games and a slot machine. If you know the rules for both types of these casino games, you would quickly uncover similarities, but most certainly you would see completely different styles of betting. When it comes to, for instance, roulette’s, maximum stakes tend to hinge on a fixed number – some usual Roulette works with small winnings up to x36, so gamb...

Infendo Radio 483 – Death of the 3DS

This week on Infendo Radio we have a Roundtable discussion about the Death of the 3DS! After that, Justin leads us into a round of Nintentunes!

Infendo Radio 482 – Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield

Thank you for joining Infendo Radio! This week we are Steve and Justin-less, but we gain a 1-up in the form of guest host Phantom! Lukas is at the helm of the great ship Infendo, and it promises to be a wild ride!

Infendo Radio 481 – Weird Game Descriptions Returns!

This week we are one are one Steve short, but that doesn't stop us from having a great show! We discuss what game franchises would be a good fit for the Warriors (Musou) series, Eugene hosts a round of Weird Game Descriptions, and we have the longest Change the System in recent memory!

Infendo Radio 480 – Infendo’s Nintendo Direct!

Welcome to Infendo Radio! This weeks plans were all thrown in the trash after Nintendo announces a surprise Nintendo Direct scheduled mere hours before the live show!

Infendo Radio 479 – Introducing Infendo 20 Questions!

Welcome to Infendo Radio! This week we have an update on last weeks breaking news, and some new breaking news to talk about in the form or a Roundtable discussion!

How is it That Nintendo Games Avoid Stagnation?

Stagnation has always been just as much of a problem among video games as it has with other entertainment and artistic media. Spend hours with a product, work out all of its nooks and crannies, and it's only natural that we would eventually become tired of the formula.

Infendo Radio 478 – Metroid Reboot Force

This week we have some late breaking news, that is related to our predictions last week! Tune in to find out if anyone was correct!