705 – Celebrating 25 Years of Ocarina of Time

Join us in Episode 705 as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Ocarina of Time and reminisce about this legendary game.

704 – Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed Ecto Edition and Indie World Showcase

In Episode 703, we dive into our Ghostbusters experience with the Ecto Edition and explore the latest Nintendo Switch game reveals from the Indie World Showcase.

703 – Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s Record-Breaking Sales & Zelda Movie Announcement

Episode 703 brings you the latest on Super Mario Bros. Wonder's phenomenal sales and the upcoming live-action Zelda movie announcement.

702 – Super Mario Wonder Deep Dive

Get ready for a captivating journey as we explore the magic of Super Mario Wonder in this episode.

701 – N64 Revival: Analogue 3D Unveiled

Discover N64 revival & gaming news.

700 – Celebrating Seven Hundred Episodes

Episode 700 of Infendo Radio is a celebration of our 700th milestone. Reuniting with special guests Lukas and Steve, we dive into gaming discussions, share our gaming experiences, and challenge ourselves with a captivating game of Nintentunes. Join us for a memorable episode filled with nostalgia and gaming camaraderie.

699 – Reviving Classics

In episode 699 of Infendo Radio, we delve into the gaming classics with an update to F-Zero 99 and the addition of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror to Nintendo Switch Online. Join us as we discuss these exciting developments and share our gaming experiences, reliving the nostalgia of timeless titles.

698 – Microsoft’s Ambitious Pipe Dream

In episode 698 of Infendo Radio, Justin and Eugene explore the surprising leak of a Microsoft email expressing interest in acquiring Nintendo. Join us as we discuss the potential implications and the intriguing possibilities of this ambitious move in the gaming world.

697 – Nintendo’s Future Unveiled

In episode 697 of Infendo Radio, we're joined by Brandon to unravel the unexpected Nintendo Direct that unveiled Nintendo's exciting plans for 2023/2024. Join us as we explore the announcements, share our insights, and get a sneak peek into Nintendo's gaming future in this thrilling episode.

696 – No DLC Planned for Tears of the Kingdom

In episode 696 of Infendo Radio, we dive into Eiji Aonuma's recent statement about the future of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, revealing that no DLC is planned. Join us as we discuss the implications and share our gaming experiences in this insightful episode.

695 – Former Co-Hosts Return! Nintendo Direct News and Analogue Pocket Review

Join us in episode 694 of Infendo Radio as former co-hosts Lukas and Steve return to discuss the upcoming Nintendo Direct for Super Mario Bros. Wonder, along with Steve's mini product review of the Analogue Pocket. Tune in for lively discussions and insights into our gaming experiences.

694 -Farewell to Mario’s Voice: Charles Martinet Steps Away

Tune in to episode 695 of Infendo Radio as Eugene and Justin discuss the significant news of Charles Martinet stepping away from voicing Mario after 30 years. Join us for heartfelt reflections and engaging discussions on the games we've been playing.