Lukas Peace

I Already Have Some Problems With Multiversus

The new Warner Bros fighting game Multiversus just dropped its first trailer, but coming away from it, I have a few problems with what I saw.

Pokemon Conquest | Lukas Peace

Pokemon Conquest – Everyone’s favourite Pokemon game nobody’s ever heard of. But how well has this game persisted against the sands of time? Let’s find out TOGETHER:

Phasmophobia | Lukas Peace

Hello all, Lukas here – You probably know me as 1/4th of Infendo Radio, our weekly Nintendo podcast. (I’m the one who dressed up like a sea captain on last week’s show. Yep, THAT one. But don’t click away, I promise this is worth it.) What you may NOT know is I also launched a YouTube channel a while back that I’d just love you to check out. Maybe even… Subscrib...