It’s-a Me, Mario! Time to Say Goodbye to the Wii U & 3DS eShop

The Nintendo eShop closing for the Wii U and 3DS is around the corner. Find out what this means for gamers and how to prepare for the change.

Someone has already remade the Mario Kart 8 Wave 2 Courses in Mario Kart Wii

The Mario Kart 8 Booster Pass Wave 2 DLC has been out for 24 hours, so of course someone has modded the entirety of the DLC into Mario Kart Wii

More Info On Metroid Dread Trickles In

A few weeks back, we filled you in on everything we could find regarding Metroid Dread – Most of it coming right from the devs themselves. The dev team has made a new post on their official website, and with that post comes some more juicy info about the upcoming adventure that’s topping our wishlist. Let’s dive right into it. What’s With The Suit, Samus? Longtime fans of e...

How To Use The Rite Of Kinship in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings Of Ruin

If you’ve spent the last week as obsessed with Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin as I’ve been, you’ve no doubt unlocked the Rite of Kinship, a handy feature that allows you to take your monsters to the next level. The Rite of Kinship allows you to grab individual genes from your fellow monsties, which can be anything from special attacks to passive skills that provide usefu...

Metroid Dread – Everything We Know So Far

Metroid Dread details keep being dripped out - Here's everything we know so far!

Nintendo Switch PRO (OLED model) Announcement Trailer

Nintendo just dropped news of the next version in the Nintendo Switch product line, and the much anticipated Nintendo Switch PRO has been finally been reveled! Dubbed simply the Nintendo Switch (OLED model), the new Switch will offer a wide adjustable stand, built-in wired LAN port, 64 GB of internal storage, enhanced audio, and a 7-inch OLED screen. Check out the announcement trailer in the video...

How To Win Big During Pokemon Go’s Bidoof Event

A new event dropped today as part of Bidoof Day in Pokemon Go, and trainers everywhere are scrambling to catch the one and only beaver Pokemon! If you’ve logged into Pokemon Go and talked with Professor Willow today, you’ve been granted access to the special Bidoof event. During this event, you’ll have the ability to catch Bidoof in greater numbers, and the odds of encountering a...

Pokemon Go Kanto Event: Which Version Should You Choose?

Details of the Pokemon Go Kanto event are finally here - And it's time for you to make a choice. Will you go with Red or Green?

Pokemon Conquest | Lukas Peace

Pokemon Conquest – Everyone’s favourite Pokemon game nobody’s ever heard of. But how well has this game persisted against the sands of time? Let’s find out TOGETHER:

Phasmophobia | Lukas Peace

Hello all, Lukas here – You probably know me as 1/4th of Infendo Radio, our weekly Nintendo podcast. (I’m the one who dressed up like a sea captain on last week’s show. Yep, THAT one. But don’t click away, I promise this is worth it.) What you may NOT know is I also launched a YouTube channel a while back that I’d just love you to check out. Maybe even… Subscrib...

Hypercharge: Unboxed MASSIVE update!

Hey there guys! It’s your buddy Colt and I’m here to talk about an update that one of my favorite games is receiving! Let’s dive in there fam! Hypercharge: Unboxed is a great First Person Shooter where you play as a toy soldier and fight through defense modes to save the reactors! This game was developed my 5 friends and there were a few issues in the switch version that needed t...

New Year, New Infendo!

Infendo’s back in 2020 in a whole new way! Join us for weekly livestreams of Infendo Radio every Wednesday at 9pm EST! Our new show format will be jam-packed with as much Nintendo podcast goodness as we can cram into an hour-long show. We’ve also made some exciting changes to the Infendo Patreon! It’s easier than ever to become a producer and help support the show over at https:/...