Hypercharge: Unboxed MASSIVE update!

Hypercharge: Unboxed MASSIVE update!

Hey there guys! It’s your buddy Colt and I’m here to talk about an update that one of my favorite games is receiving! Let’s dive in there fam!

Hypercharge: Unboxed is a great First Person Shooter where you play as a toy soldier and fight through defense modes to save the reactors! This game was developed my 5 friends and there were a few issues in the switch version that needed to be addressed.

Some great improvements include updates improvements on the gyro controls and UI changes that were NEEDED, but what I’m most excited about is the amount of additions that are coming! Additions like New skins, new trophies, and even new modes like a tank mode and a “Spinner Arena” that will both add great depth to this game and turn it into something that I will go back to loading up nearly every day and truly enjoy it!

Here is a short video on the update from the Devs: https://youtu.be/zmqTzHRJZMc

Guys, this is a great update on an already great game! If you haven’t picked the game up yet I strongly urge you to pick it up now, especially all of the added and updated content coming!

The update drops TODAY, March 23rd and the game is $19.99 on the shop. Have I ever steered you lovely people wrong? Grab this now!