Colt’s Choice 6/9/2019

Colt’s Choice 6/9/2019

Hey fam! I’m back again and unfortunately a day late! I’ve been super busy this week so I’m so sorry, but here I am with my pick!

This week I am going with by far my favorite Indie game in the world, if not my favorite game on the Switch: Hollow Knight!!

Guys, this is an amazing game that you can easily get lost in for days!!!! you play as a young knight trying to save the kingdom from bugs and other creatures alike. It is a beautifully made 2D platform that consists of basically black and white, yet still amazes me how beautiful it is.

The switch version has all DLC that has been released for $15 and it is literally hours upon hours of enjoyment! the controls feel so smooth, the music is amazing (I even downloaded the album to my phone) and its something I fire up nearly every day just to play and bask in its glory!

How about you, fam? have you picked this game up before? did you enjoy it? if you haven’t please buy this and I promise you’ll LOVE it, scout’s honor!

Thanks for sticking around, guys. I promise I will get this more constructed soon. Feel free to hit me up anytime!

Colton Malich