Colt’s Choice 8/16/20

Colt’s Choice 8/16/20

Hey there folks, I’m BACK with another Colt’s Choice! I hope you’re doing good! I’ve got a fun and cheap little puzzle game for this week that I think you will enjoy! Let’s get to it!

My Choice for the week is HexON! In this, you control magnetic hexagonal pieces (almost like puzzle pieces) that you try to fit back on the board they’ve created! You can spin the shapes in any direction in order to feet everything in the area. You get 40 levels and a pretty relaxing sound track to get you calm and in a puzzle mood. I have loved this game to be able to watch tv while I play and focus on both at the same time without a story, dialog, or battle system to focus on!

This game is normally 99 cents BUT, it is currently on sale for 49 cents! I strongly suggest everyone picks this up and take a relaxing puzzle trip with me!

There you have it fam! I hope you guys pick tis up and enjoy it just like I do! Let me know your thoughts and as always, until next time….. GAME ON!!!