Colt’s Choice 12/29/19

Colt’s Choice 12/29/19

Hey guys! How’s it going?? I went on a three week hiatus for the holiday season but now that it is over I’m glad to be back and writing! I hope everyone has been doing good and got what they wanted for gifts! I’ve been expanding my game horizons the past few weeks and even played a few things I never had a chance to growing up! With that, I’d love to belly dance my way into this week’s Colt’s Choice!

My pick for this week is Shantae: Half-Genie Hero! In this fun little game, you play as Shantae, the Genie Hero for the town. You play through these 2D, side scrolling platforming levels to save mermaids, stop pirates, and help the town with any issues that arise. Your attack is whipping your hair at enemies and you can also turn into various animas to help you through levels. It has great music and a fun art style that prevents you from rage quitting.

The normal copy is $20 while the deluxe edition with all of the DLC and costumes is $30 so to each his own! If you enjoy platforms I suggest you definitely pick this up!

So there you have it fam! Have you enjoyed it? I’m glad to be back and in business, let’s ride this wave together. I hope you have a great week and until next time… GAME ON!!