Colt’s Choice 7/21/19

Colt’s Choice 7/21/19

Hey there, Infendo fam! I’m Colt, coming at you again with another pick for this week! Yes, I know, it’s a day late. I am very sorry about that, but I’m still trying to figure out what day would be perfect to get articles out to you. would you rather it be on a Friday, getting ready for the weekend? Saturday night as you party? Sunday, to relax? Or Monday, to get the week going again? Please let me know in the comments section below as I would love to hear your thoughts. Now, that’s enough small talk. On to my pick for this week!

Admittedly, these last couple weeks have been hard. As a Nintendo fan, we’ve had some busy weekends lately. Mario Maker built a spot into our hearts. Tetris had another Maximus with a chance to get a sweet Splatoon theme. The final Splatoon 2 Splatfest was also this past weekend (if you were on Team Order, don’t worry, I’m still crying into my beer as well. I thought we were doing better). And, if you are a Marvel fan, we got Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, the newest beat-’em-up featuring all of our favorite Marvel characters. With all these great big name games, I’ve rarely had time to play anything else.

But this isn’t Nintendo’s Choice, this is Colt’s Choice, and I’m not going to cheap out on you by giving you what every other website is telling you to pick up! You’re a smart human, and already got them! So I took quite a bit of time to think. I thought for the past three weeks, I haven’t played a thing except the ones I listed above. 

Then it hit me. All of these games can’t just be played for 30 minutes while laying in bed, or with headphones in, listening to a great podcast (like Infendo Radio). You must be invested. I remember I had a number of times where I had an awkward 10-30 minutes I wanted to play, but didn’t want to load up a huge game. With that, I realized I have been playing one game everyday mindlessly for less than an hour every time I could:


Man, this game has been my short attention grabber for quite a while. So much, that I don’t even realize I’m playing it. My brain just automatically goes to turn it on when I don’t want/have time to play anything else. It’s really simple: You’re a guy that has jumped down a well and you have a gun that shoots downwards. You can stomp on enemies or shoot them. If an enemy touches you anywhere other than the bottom of your feet, you lose health. When your health hits 0, it’s game over, and you restart. If you get to the bottom, it takes you to another level where you keep falling down the well. Some ledges will have caves in them where you can collect more gems or weapon upgrades, while others have a shop where you use the gems to replenish your health, buy health upgrades, or buy energy upgrades, which is how many times you can shoot your gun before you have to touch a ledge to reload.

Throughout the game, you can also unlock themes and palette swaps to make the game more “you” and aesthetically pleasing. You can also change your jumper, and with that, you get different upgrades.

This game is nearly as bare bones as a game can be, but that’s what makes it perfect. There, I said it. It’s honestly perfect. I play this on car rides, when I don’t have internet, when I only have 10 minutes to play, when I’m watching a show with my girlfriend. This game is so quick and enjoyable, it makes it a needed game in your library! This game is $2.99 on the eShop and it is a must get! Don’t think, just do it and thank me later!

(Editor’s Note: This game was designed in tandem with the FlipGrip, a successful and recommended KickStarter accessory that allows handheld play in vertical mode, which Downwell supports.)

So what do you think? Do you have this game and enjoy it as well? Any comments are greatly appreciated! Until next time, have fun!