Colt’s Choice 01/05/20

Colt’s Choice 01/05/20

Hey there folks! It’s your pal Colt coming in hot with another Colt’s Choice! I hope everyone crushed their weekend, got plenty of rest and relaxation, and are ready to take on the week! Now this pick might be a tad late for the holiday season, by my girlfriend’s family is constantly doing game nights so this game is right at home! Grab a group of buddies, your switch, a few phones, and let’s play OUTSIDE the box!

My choice for this week is the Jackbox Party Pack series. Series, you ask? well there’s six different games or “packs” you can purchase, each with 5 games to play with friends. The best part: only one Switch needed! Each mini game is playable between 2-6 players but the best part, there is an unlimited amount of people that can participate. Only one Switch? Not a problem! All you do is go to the website the provide on your smart phone, then enter the access code the host posts and you will be able to join and play from the comfort of you very own phone! Now let’s say you don’t wish to be one of the six that want to play the game? Well that’s easy, just be a voter! What I mean by that is if you don’t decide to play, you can just choose to vote for your favorite response, drawing, or choice in each game to help your favorite win! This way you can sit in the back of the crowd participate without TRULY participating. This is great for most family game nights where you have those older relatives that LOVE to give their opinion yet don’t want to fully invest in the game!

Overall, these are great games and my only issue with them is, they dont release them on a DLC base system. If you want to purchase all six, they will have 6 different apps and icons in your switch library, instead of one app with multiple sets of games. Then again, that is me being picky and OCD with my library so I should just hush up!

These games are either $25 or $30, which in all honesty if you have a group of friends that are willing to play some great mini games, you will make your money back twice over! I had my reservations about it from the start, but these games, and the laughter they brought, is by far worth it as a half step to “video gaining” to the older generation!

So wha do you guys think? Have you tried the party in a box? If so, let me know in the comments section below and I would love to join you in a play session! I hope y’all have a great week and as always, until next time…. GAME ON!!!!!