Colt’s Choice 11/17/19

Colt's Choice OpEd

Hiya guys! I’m back for another week! This pick is a quackin’ good time! Let’s goooo!!!!!!!

The game I’m choosing this week is the very popular Untitled Goose Game! In this fun little game, you play as a goose that goes through each stage and terrorizes farmers, children, shop owners, and just any human in your rampaging path really. Use various objects you find on in the area like a rake for the farmer to trip on, take a child’s toy airplane to make him cry, steal a man’s glasses so he can’t see, the possibilities of terror are endless! Just grab them and place them wherever you want! Also sneak up behind people and honk to give them a real fright! The possibilities are endless when you’re a jerk goose out for metaphorical “blood” against the human race. How will you make the people upset? This game will even make Mother Theresa laugh maniacally!

This game is about one and a half to 2 hours total to get through all the stages, BUT there are a ton of additional objectives you can go do to truly 100% this game. The best part: every stage is somehow connect to the network of all the other stages. This means you can hop from any stage to any other stage (after you have initially cleared it form the base 6 objectives per area) at ease, as well as bring items from one stage to another, giving you free reign on HOW you actually want to accomplish each task.

This game is $20 on the Eshop. If you would enjoy terrorizing people, completing objectives on a to do list, or just all around need a laugh, hey, its cheaper than therapy! So join us and feed that tiny inner demon that wants you to steal candy from a baby or trip an old man!

So what do you think fam? Who will join me on this crazy game? Let me know in the comments below and as always…. Until next time, GAME ON!!!!