Colt’s Choice 5/24/20

Colt’s Choice 5/24/20

What’s up there fam, how are we doing?? It’s your boy colt and I’m back with another Colt’s Choice! It’s a lovely Memorial’s day weekend so I won’t bore you with major details, I’ll get right to it and be quick!

My choice for this week is Paladins! This fantastic little game is a hero style game like Overwatch, just with a nice indie flavor! You will have a ton of fun playing with friends while capturing the flag, controlling a base, or other modes that really just involve you crushing the other team, you’re gonna have a blast! You choose a hero that each have special classes and weapons to help bring you team to victory!

This game is free! You can spend money to permanently unlock heroes, otherwise they constantly cycle through so you have plenty of chances to try something new! It surely is a great time alone OR with a group of friends to chat and play as a team!

So there ya hav it folks, it was shorter than usually but all I can say is you need to download it and try it out! I surely believe you will enjoy this bad boy! I’m signing off for this week, but as always, until next time……. GAME ON!!!!