Nintendo Switch

3 Games That Are All About Community

Not every game is meant to be played solo – Trust me, as an only child and a single adult, I do the 1 player experience better than most. I’ve played Nintendo Switch games alone that were meant to be enjoyed with others and had a blast (in the case of Bomberman quite literally). Mario Party? Solo’d it. Smash Bros? Give me a match against 3 computers any day. But there are a few g...

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition – Infendo Tag Team Review

Steve: Something happened to me with a game that I can only remember happening a small handful of times. I bought a game not once, not twice, but three times. Yes, three separate times. That game, was Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition. When Hyrule Warriors came to Wii U, I bought it and all of the DLC they offered for it ($69.98 total cost). I was quite happy with the game, but it got exceptional...

Infendo Radio 460 – Nintendo Online FTW?

This week on Infendo Radio 460, we finally are able to talk about the recently released Nintendo Online service. The delayed Nintendo Direct finally goes live, and we have a ton of details to discuss because of it.

Undertale Review

Posted with permission from Galutrad. Click here for his original work, and the source of this review. ATTENTION: THIS REVIEW WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS ON UNDERTALE FOR NINTENDO SWITCH. ? If there is an opportunity to go into UNDERTALE with little to no knowledge, it would be a massive disservice for this review to ruin that experience. ? That being said, it is possible to start UNDERTALE with complet...

Monster Hunter: The Primal Urge

Monster Hunter was a game I had heard many people talk about for many years. It was a game that I knew I wanted to try, that I was not sure if I was prepared to play. It was a game that I had heard had a crazy big following across many consoles, but required a huge investment to learn. It had a huge learning curve, and was not an easy game to learn.  I don’t remember exactly when, but at som...

Infendo Review: Anker Portable Charger for Nintendo Switch

The Anker Portable Charger is the first Infendo Review I've written in a while. Let's face it. For me, I don't like writing bad reviews, and there are plenty of bad products out there. I guess I just feel bad throwing companies under the bus for their merchandise. Which is ironic, given my personality. The Anker Portable Charger for Nintendo Switch was an item I stumbled across on Amazon while loo...

New Pokemon Let’s Go Trailer Shows Off Mega Evolution, Team Rocket

The latest trailer for Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let's Go eevee shows off Mega Evolution, amoung other things.

Super Mario Bros. 3 Playable Through Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online launches next month, and Super Mario Bros 3 will be playable through the new streaming service.

Chrom Gets Promoted From Final Smash To Full-Blown Character

Chrom finally gets his chance as the newest echo fighter in Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Fire Emblem Awakening continues to get representation.

SNK Heroines Newest Fighter Is… A Guy?

SNK Heroines has been teasing us with new characters, but this newest one was quite unexpected. Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury joins the fray!

Infendo Radio 451 – Attack of the Cake Troll

Thank you for joining us for this week's show! This week, we talk about Virtual Boy emulation, Pokémon GO forward compatibility, and Eugene hosts Nintentunes!