Colt’s Choice 5/17/2020

Colt’s Choice 5/17/2020

What is going on fam?!?! It’s your boy Colt and I’m back for another GREAT pick for Colt’s Choice!!! For those of you that know me, you won’t be surprised by the choice that I’ve chosen on the launch week of this FANTASTIC title! So screw it, let’s just get to it!

My pick for this week is Super Mega Baseball 3! Boys and girls, this game is all about baseball and LEMME TELL YA, it is soooo good! I haven’t been able to put it down, I’ve been having far too much fun and enjoyment in Metalhead’s third installment in the franchise! 

Play through exhibition, pennant race, a tournament, or even enjoy a full season with one of the many remade teams or build a custom team from scratch! Everything from colors to logo to uniforms to players, you can fully customize a team completely and take them out to the field (I’ve made a few ideas myself already)! What’s even better is in a future update you can import your custom teams over from Super Mega Baseball 2, I know I can’t wait to bring my Marvel team over to hand out L’s!

This game is $45 and let me tell y’all, this game it WORTH IT! The Switch is really lacking in the sport department and this really fills that hole well, and runs great on the platform! If you’re on the fence, there is a demo for you to try out which includes exhibition games as well as the online pennant race mode but honestly, I will be SHOCKED if you play the demo and still decide not to pick it up!

So there ya have it folks, that’s my choice for the week on by far my favorite game on the Switch so far! I hope you guys enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments below and as always, until next time…. GAME ON!!!