Colt’s Choice 9/13/20

Colt’s Choice 9/13/20

Hey there y’all! It’s your boy Colt and I’m back with another Colt’s Choice! I took last weekend off for Labor Day and I’m ready to talk about another great game! Let’s get into it!

My pick for this week is Spellbreak! Spellbreak is the newest battle royal game and I cannot get enough of it! What makes it so unique is there is no guns, you actually find two different elements and cast special elemental spells for your attacks! The really cool part is you can mix your spells to create even deadlier attacks! Mix a fireball and a tornado to make a fire tornado! Mix poison and water for acid rain! You can spend a significant amount of time trying out combos and figure out what works best for you!

This game is FREE! They sell cosmetics, but you can get by not paying a single penny for anything! I myself have already gotten 2 Victories on top of it and I’ve become very addicted! What does it hurt to try??

There ya have it folks! Have you tried it yet? Would you like to squad up and get a Victory?!?! Let me know in the comments below and as always, until next time….. GAME ON!!!