Colt’s Choice 5/10/2020

Colt’s Choice 5/10/2020

Hey there fam! It’s you boy Colt and I’m back with another choice for the week! I hope all the mothers had a fantastic Mother’s Day because you guys are important, none of us would be here without you! Now, this Choice is really straight forward and won’t take long so let’s just get into it!

My pick for this week is a lovely little game called Shalnor Legends! This game is a 2D Legend of Zelda clone, retro graphics and all! you play as a little girl in a mysterious world as she tries to figure out where she is and what happened. Guys, I’m going to be honest: this game is VERY much like A Link to the Past and if you enjoy that, I strongly suggest this one because it is nearly identical. Playing Link to the Past along side it for a video game club really helps me keep that itch scratched (I’m a HUGE Legend of Zelda fan). You understand what this game is like and if this bad boy is for you!

Guys, this game is $9.99 in the eshop ( I just recently got it for sale for 99 cents). Honestly, if you enjoy Legend of Zelda gameplay and want to branch off to independent versions, PICK IT UP! you will get hours of enjoyments and that same Zelda feels and a HUGE fraction of the cost!

So that’s what I think, but what about you? You can let me know in the comments section below and, as always… GAME ON!!!!