Colt’s Choice 6/7/2020

Colt’s Choice 6/7/2020

Hey there fam, how are we doing?!?!?! It’s your ole pal Colt and I’m BACK with another Colt’s Choice! You guys know me, so you know I want to make this quick and let y’all go about your day. So, without further ado, let’s get to it!!! 

My pick for this week is an absolute CLASSIC called Bioshock! This is one of my top games to play and I think you will love it too!

Escape to The Rapture, an underground city built in a dystopian world where the surface can get nuked any minute, and your only hope for survival is amongst the sea life in the 1920’s era game. You are in a first person shooter, trying to survive while gaining magic powers and uncover the reason why you were put here in the first place! 

I absolutely love the first person style, the jump scares and dark horror, as well as the art deco art style of the roaring 20’s they used for the Rapture, from the furniture, character outfits, and even music that plays throughout the game.

Buying the games separately, it is $20 on the eshop. On the other hand, you can buy the collection of all three games in the series for $50 which I STRONGLY suggest you do! These are solid games and I just hope more people not only play them, but enjoy them as I have growing up!

So there you have it folks! This series is a top game in my mind and it never fails to bring a smile to my face whenever I see the art or gameplay. I truly hope you play it soon! Let me know if you do in the comments below and as always, until next time…. GAME ON!!!!!