Colt’s Choice 6/23/19

Colt’s Choice 6/23/19

Hiya friends! Another week has passed and it’s time for me to tell y’all what to buy! This has been a particularly tough week because I had about 4 games to choose from that All should have made the cut but unfortunately I have to choose only 1. Here we go, let’s strap in and enjoy the ride!!!

For this week I decided to pick NBA 2K19. Now I’m not the hugest basketball fan, but this game was on sale for 3 DOLLARS this past week and that is a deal I cannot simply pass up. Did you pass it up? If so, you can also pick it up at Walmart where the price is $19 which even then I think is worth the money.

I know what you’re saying: “But Colt, I don’t know/like basketball” DUDE! TRUST ME! There are soooo many multiple modes hidden in this game that make is worth it. You can build the worst player imaginable and make a joke out of yourself. troll an online season and draft a trolly team that people shudder at the sight of. But here is here is the best mode yet (shout out Lukas for showing me this gem!!): you can make your own General Manager and run the team into the ground just for laughs! Your star player tore the ligaments in his ankle and needs surgery? Make him play still! A player asks for a contract extension? Refuse to pay them at all! Reporters want to know your thoughts on the game? Make every single person hate you! BE THE WORST GM YOU CAN BE!

Now yes, this game does not look the best on the Switch; I get it. But the portability of playing at work or with coworkers or while at the bar with friends makes it so worth it, this may become one of my most played games!

Did you pick this game up when it was on sale? Did you own it already? Let me know and I’ll play some games with you! We’re even discussing the start an online season where we do a fantasy draft and actually play each other. We’d love to have you join! (PS: wondering what my other three picks were? Well head on over to the Infendo Discord and you may get a peek at what they were going to be ; ) )

Enjoy and until next week, keep playing!