Colt’s Choice 3/1/20

Colt’s Choice 3/1/20

Hey there everyone! How are y’all? I’m Colt and I’m finally back with another Choice of the week! I’m so sorry I’ve been absent the past few weeks, there were some family emergencies I had to take care of. The important thing is we are back and I’ve got a log of games to talk about so with ought further ado, let’s crush this weeks choice!

My pick for this week is Doom from 1993. If you’ve never played Doom, I STRONGLY suggest you do as it’s one of the first first person shooters that game out and laid ground for where FPS’s are today. Play through multiple levels, shooting and destroying demons and other monsters through the levels in this retro game that is sure to please!

Guys I’m gonna be honest, there really isn’t much to say about this gem. If you enjoy shooters you OWE it to yourself to try this bad boy out and appreciate where the genre has come from.

This game is $4.99 on the eshop. You will have PLENTY of levels to run through and really have an enjoyment of. After that, you can go through Doom 2 and 3 after and REALLY get the full history of this series! Trust me y’all, you will enjoy this!

So how are you guys doing? Have you picked this up? Let me know in the Comments and as always, until next time…. GAME ON!!!