Colt’s Choice 4/12/20

Colt’s Choice 4/12/20

Hey there fam! Your boy Colt is back with another Colt’s Choice! This one may be a tad more Niche but it is right up my alley and hey, this is MY CHOICE!  This is one best played handheld, maybe ever without the joy cons attached at all. Alright, let’s get into it!

My pick for this week is Lightseekers. It’s a vey interesting deck building card game, much like Magic the Gathering and YuGiOh. The interesting twists this game takes to make it different than other card games are great, like buildings buffs for yourself and drawing cards at the end of your turn, depending on how many cards you played. Another also interesting mechanic is you can only play up to two cards per turn. This forces you to really plan for future plays and think multiple turns ahead if you want to be successful, as well as worry about what your opponent may actually play, instead of wiping them out in one turn. What I love about it is there is a adventure mode you can play through and earn boosters and decks, as well as an online mode to test your skills! Onto of this, there’s also implementation of Daily Challenges for rewards to keep you coming back and have a feeling of accomplishment!

Alright, now let’s get down to price. This game is free! Of course, you can purchase in game currency for more decks and what not but honestly guys, if you come in with a battle plan and build your deck effectively, you won’t really need to put any money in! I haven’t and I have been successful so far! Now the best way to play this is to take the joy cons off and play using the touchscreen on the tablet. I have found that the most compact and comfortable but to each their own.

Alright fam, that’s it for me today. What do you think? Have you tried it yet? Are you planning on it? I mean for the low price of $0, might as well play through the tutorial! Guys I’m very greatful you have stuck around to listen to my ramblings, I hope this Easter was a great one for you! As always, until next time… GAME ON!!