Colt’s Choice 3/9/20

Colt’s Choice 3/9/20

Hey there fam! It’s your buddy Colt and I’m back with another choice! I hope everyone’s week went swell, I’m always delighted to hear how you’re all doing. Alright boys and girls, enough talking, let’s get to reading! 

My pick for this week is Yooka Laylee and wow! I have been missing out by waiting on this game! In this, you play as Yooka, the lovable lizard and his bat friend Laylee. The evil corporation Capital B has decided to steal every single book in the land, including your magical golden book. During the process, the book rips apart and pages scatter all over the worlds. It is now up to you to collect the pages to stop Capital B and bring peace to the land! Throughout the game you will meet interesting characters that will help you on your quest or even teach you new moves! This game has all the search and find elements of Mario Odyssey and Banjo Kazooie so if that appeals to you, this game is a must play! It is available on Xbox gamepass which is how I’m playing it and honestly, my only con is I didn’t buy it on switch so I can play it at work throughout the day! It is $40 on the Eshop and there is a sequel when you finish up! The game is around 30 hours.

So fam how do you feel? Have you played this before? Are you eager to try it?? Let me know in the comments below and as always until next time….. GAME ON!


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