Colt’s Choice 8/9/20

Colt’s Choice 8/9/20

Hey there friends! It is your boy Colt and I’m back with another FANTASTIC Colt’s Choice! I hope your all doing great and are having a relaxing weekend. Alright, formalities aside, let’s get this going!

My pick for this week is #Funtime. This is a fun little twinsticker shooter like Geometery Wars. It is made by One Guy Games. 

I have found myself really addicted to this bad boy! Theres multiple game modes and challenge that will keep you busy for hours, then after compete for the high score against people worldwide! They definitely added depth to a style of game that’s normally black and white and straightforward. I love doing the time challenges of fight waves of enemies with all the mesmerizing neon lights everywhere to keep you alert and going! 

This game is normally $14.99, but right now is on sale for $10.49 which I think both prices are DEFINITELY worth it! Pick this up ASAP and start hopping in and out while you try and beat my highscore!

So there we have if guys! I love this game, I think you will too! Let me know what you think in the comments below and as always….. GAME ON!!