Colt’s Choice 7/14/2019

Colt’s Choice 7/14/2019

What is up Infendo readers?? Here comes Colt with another pick for the week! This one will be short and sweet so strap in and get ready for some fun!

My pick for the week is a game that came out quite a while ago. If you follow the NHL, you probably have some hockey withdrawals. Well I have good news for you because my choice is Super Blood Hockey!

This 8 bit NES homage is nearly the perfect hockey game for a Nintendo console. If you enjoy hockey and own a Switch, this game is a MUST BUY!

The story mode is what makes this game. You play as a coach who sells one of his kidneys to purchase a team full of prisoners to compete for world championships! As the coach you choose their diet plans, how long they eat, sleep, train, and even who takes steroids. All of these options will effect how your players play and, most importantly, if they live or die.

Live or die you say? Well, the main play of this game is playing a traditional NES hockey game with 4 players. The only difference is you can hit the opponent to the point they die and blood shoots everywhere OR, you get into a fight and you kill them. the fun twist to this game is once someone dies, they stay dead. on the ice. acting as a blockade. and you can’t even bring on a replacement for that player. it truly is that “permadeth” experience. The players’ mental health and physical stats effect that as well so you should be a semi-decent coach and not destroy your players (like in one of my last two choices, NBA 2K19!)

The only thing I am sad about this game, is there’s no online friends mode meaning I can’t play against friends.. IF they added that, it may be the best Indie sports game. Until then, couch coop it is!

What did you guys think fam? is super blood hockey your thing? Do you enjoy it? Let me know in the comments below or hit me up in the Discord!

Thanks and have a wonderful week!