Fortnite Account Merge Hits Soon!

Infendo OpEd

As you may have known, Sony has finally decided to join the rest of the industry and allow cross platform over all systems on Fortnite! No one knows if or when Sony will allow other games to cross as well BUT we’re focusing on Fortnite today because they have announced they will have a way to merge all your accounts together to have your stats, skins, and all that good stuff on one account! If you’re like me, you may have started on Playstation then, when it dropped on Switch, was very disappointed in Sony blocking the allowance of accounts able to use all around. With cross platform came speculation on if we could somehow merge all of our Fortnite accounts together. Epic finally cleared the air and announced there will be a system to merge all of your accounts together to have all of your stuff in one place! Even better, we got a more detailed date, which is November! Now while it seems so close yet so far away, this opens a TON of doors gamers of all consoles who may have multiple accounts, as well as give possibilities on future game modes (maybe a console war??) as well as exclusive skins for each console. Fortnite has done the impossible and made Sony bow down to the rest and even found a way to merge all accounts together. Chalk this up as a win folks!