Colt’s Choice 6/1/19

Colt’s Choice 6/1/19

Hey fam! Your friendly neighborhood writer man Colt is here! I decided to start a new weekly segment called Colt’s Choice! every Friday or Saturday I will be writing a quick article about my game pick of the week! This way if the weekend comes and you decide you want to pick up a new Indie/AAA game to take up your time, you can come here and see what I suggest! Thank you in advance for tuning in every week and I hope you enjoy these games just as much as I did!

To kick off this segment, my first pick is My Big Sister, developed by Stranga Games. This game released a couple weeks ago with a  very confusing trailer that gave no actual context to what this little game is about. I decided to take the plunge day one and man… I’m so happy I did. In this horror puzzle game you play as Luzia, who watched her older sister get killed and turned into a ghost. You now find items to clear puzzles and try and help get your sister back to normal! This game took my only 4 hours but man, it was worth every minute and I’m hoping DLC or a sequel gets released! On top of that, there is 6 different endings you can achieve! That means you can spend a good bit of time trying to find them all! I think it is the perfect game to spend the weekend on and I guarantee you will not be disappointed by the story! This is a pixel game that actually made me jump once or twice, as well as make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! It is $5.99 on the Eshop and WORTH IT!

I would like to talk more about it but I really don’t want to spoil anything, you’re just going to have to trust me on this one folks! Thank you for sticking around, I hope you enjoyed your stay, and let me know if you pick it up!

Colton Malich, Colt45

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