Colt’s Choice 7/7/19

Colt’s Choice 7/7/19

What is up fam it is your friendly neighborhood writer-man, Colt45! I must apologize for not writing last weekend, I sat at the beach too long and got sun poisoning. BUT I’M BACK BABY!!! Here to give you my next choice! I was pondering this one all week until I stumbled upon a gem that I did not know get released yet! Strap in and get ready to build your path in this weeks Choice.

My pick this week is Catan by Asmodee Digital! I had no idea it was released yet. This board game is by far my favorite board game of all time and since I  have 0 real life friends, this is PERFECT to play my favorite game!

If you’ve never played the board game let me simplify the object of the game: you roll dice to see what resources you gain, then you build cities, towns, and roads for victory points. The first one to 10 victory points wins!

They also have one of the board game expansion packs in the Eshop as DLC, which leads me to believe they will release all the expansions and give you even MORE fun with this digital board game!

Now, there is no local co-op. If you’ve ever played the game it makes sense because they don’t want you to see the resources everyone else has. My argument is: if you pay enough attention during the game, you will know what resources everyone has. but I digress…. There is online multiplayer, CPU games, and a Campaign mode that’s pretty fun! On top of that there is tutorial in case you’ve never played.

The one expansion they have out is $5.99 right now and the game is $19.99. In my opinion this is the perfect price for this game and if you’ve ever played Catan, this is perfect for on the go or if you’re a loner like me!

Did you pick this game up? If so hit me up in the Infendo discord and I’ll gladly play with you whenever!! Thanks for reading and have a LEGENDARY week.

Colton Malich