More Info On Metroid Dread Trickles In

Metroid Dread

A few weeks back, we filled you in on everything we could find regarding Metroid Dread – Most of it coming right from the devs themselves.

The dev team has made a new post on their official website, and with that post comes some more juicy info about the upcoming adventure that’s topping our wishlist.

Let’s dive right into it.

What’s With The Suit, Samus?

Longtime fans of either Metroid or Super Smash Bros. might have noticed that blue isn’t really Samus’ color. The longtime protector of the galaxy is usually either sporting a yellow power suit, or her signature orange Varia suit, usually switching to the purple Gravity Suit by the game’s end.

However, in Metroid Fusion, the latest entry in the series, Samus is infected by the X Parasite and saved by a vaccine made from Metroid DNA – Resulting in a new, organic suit.

While her current look isn’t exactly the fusion suit’s original design, it seems to in fact be the same gear, just… Upgraded. As the devs put it: “her suit is gradually returning to its original, mechanical Power Suit form.”

Sounds like an excuse to get her back into familiar territory to us, but hey, we’ll take it.

The Last Metroid Is In Captivity Dead

Sad news for those of you who find the little squishy blobs as cute as we do – It sounds like the titular Metroids are very much extinct by this point in Samus’ story.

We’ll admit we’re a little suspicious about this one – After all, the series is named after the creatures. And Metroid has a tendency to resurrect its cast in bizarre new ways (We’re looking at YOU, Ridley)

It seems like this game might steer clear from Samus’ parasitic little foes entirely, but don’t count them out just yet.

The End Of An Era…?

Ok, now you can start panicking. The devs have been speaking about Metroid Dread with an eerily final tone:

The original game kicked off the story arc of what is commonly referred to as the “2D Metroid series,” which tells the tale of the uncanny, intertwined fates of Samus Aran and the enigmatic Metroids. The Metroid Dread game concludes this story arc.

…Maybe there’s more to dread from this game than the E.M.M.I.

Whether this means Nintendo is planning to take the series back into 3D with future titles, set future titles in a time period before Dread or retire the series altogether remains to be seen, but knowing Nintendo, hopefully this will just be a temporary conclusion to an amazing ongoing story.

It’s gotta be, right? Right?

He’s The Map, He’s The Map, He’s The Map, He’s The Map… He’s The Map

Maps have always been SO important for the Metroid series, in part because of how often you need to backtrack, and it sounds like the dev team understands that.

Metroid Dread will feature a new and improved map that looks easier to read and use.

The new map will feature unique terrain so you know what’s where, as well as the ability to search for icons to help find new areas to use your new ability.

A series first, you’ll also be able to place waypoints to help you remember where you’re going and why. We’re big fans of this one.
The map can even provide hints for hidden items, and you can actually place the mini-map on your screen while you play.

All of this sounds like really good news for Metroid Dread players – We’re excited to see how much more streamlined this makes the game feel!


Some Metroid fans might not care about the in-game lore, but for those of us who do, it sounds like Metroid Dread won’t disappoint.

The latest entry in the series will reportedly have secrets to discover about the Chozo, Samus’ adopted family and the creators of Mother Brain, her biggest foe.

Like we mentioned in our last article, the Chozo won’t be the only returning element to Metroid Dread – The X Parasite that ran amuck in Metroid Fusion have been worked into the intro of the game as well, and it seems to be implied they’ll be returning in some form or another.

Our bet is the E.M.M.I. are under the control of the X. Just sayin’.

How will the Chozo and the X Parasites play into the plot of Metroid Dread? We’ll have to wait to find out.

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