Phasmophobia | Lukas Peace


Hello all, Lukas here – You probably know me as 1/4th of Infendo Radio, our weekly Nintendo podcast. (I’m the one who dressed up like a sea captain on last week’s show. Yep, THAT one. But don’t click away, I promise this is worth it.)

What you may NOT know is I also launched a YouTube channel a while back that I’d just love you to check out. Maybe even… Subscribe? Was that too forward? Sorry, I’m not great at first impressions.

That said, I’ve been creating videos every week where I talk about games, life, stuff like that. So if that sounds like your thing, which I should add it TOTALLY sounds like your thing, go check that out. I’ll be posting my videos right here to the website too, to make it nice and easy for you to watch them each and every week.

Happy Halloween!

Gamer by day, game designer by night - Lukas studied Digital Arts in school, and grew up in the age of the N64 and Gamecube. He's the youngster of the bunch, but that doesn't keep him from shouting out at every available opportunity on Infendo Radio. He often finds himself at the edge of counter-culture (hates Metroid Prime, loves Other M), but isn't afraid to dive into the next big budget AAA title with the best of 'em. Favorite game: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle/Skyward Sword/Ocarina of Time/Zero Escape 2/You get the idea