Skies of Fury DX Review

Hey there guys! Here comes my first review! Skies or Fury DX has been a game that I’ve been playing quite a bit these past few weeks after finding it on sale for $13. Strap into the cockpit and be ready to take off!

Skies of fury is an aerial combat game based in WW2. You play 50 levels as part of the British forces and 50 levels as the German forces. Let me start by saying I LOVE the art style. It looks exactly like a comic book. As a matter of fact, the whole story is read through comic books. There is also A nice survival couch co op mode that will surely be fun for you and a friend. The controls are actually fairly simple and can be picked up quickly. You unlock lots of plane and crosshair skins which add a little bit of flair.

I only have three problems with the game. There’s no online multiplayer or co op. That would have been a big plus. The other problem is theres no real voice or animation for the story. These are two minor issues that are opinion based though. The biggest problem I have is theres really only 3 level types, time trials, dog fight, and escort other ships. those get a little repetitive especially for 100 levels

Overall, I think this is a decent game you can play for a couple minutes or lose yourself for a few hours. If this game is on sale I think you should definitely pick it up and you wont be disappointed!!