Legend of Zelda Hyrule Warriors

Alright Zelda fans, here comes my review for Hyrule Warriors on the Switch! This may be the hardest review I have done/ will ever do, because I have a lot of positives yet one huge negative which I will get into in a minute. Hyrule warriors takes place out of the timeline, Gannon has been defeated and his soul separated into 4 pieces. His grunts are attempting to bring the soul parts back together and bring him back. It’s up to you to stop the destruction across all types of worlds with a long line of heroes at your disposal. 

Let me star off with what I hate about this game, because it is a big one. First let me say this the first ever Warriors game I’ve owned and bought it solely because it’s a Legend of Zelda game, so my gripe may just be with Warriors style games. I felt OVERWHELMED like you would not believe. As you’re running around doing your missions, you have dialog happening in the bottom corner that you can barely read because the font is so small and it disappears so quick. You’ve got multiple missions popping up at the top of the screen plus on the map, most of which have a time limit to complete. You’re tying to advance and fight the forces but you also have to check the warnings and see if your main base is going to fall so you’ll have to run back and help out or you fail the level. Finally you’re also trying to search for the Gold Skulltula spider to kill in order to get another piece of the picture for God knows what reason. This entire experience on each level makes you nearly lose your mind if you’re trying to get it cleared 100% and almost makes it a hassle instead of fun.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me talk about the good. The first good is it’s a Zelda game. You’re getting all the classic Zelda characters and now you actually get to use them and its enjoyable to fight as an actual fighter. It actually makes me want a Zelda game where you play as someone other than Link. Running around fighting as a Goron or Sheik or even a Zora breathes life and a wishful thinking to the Zelda franchise. The graphics are fantastic on the Switch, but this is the Switch’s bread and butter art style. I really enjoy the actual gameplay and controls. Fighting the enemies feels smooth, and it feels like your attacks matter. It almost feels real when Link swings his sword and most enemies with die after the first hit. Each fighter has their own unique attacks and charged attacks that all have awesome animations to go with it. There has been a few times I have had a long day and I go into the free play mode and take out any frustration on waves of enemies with my trust sword to make me feel better. This game is $60 and you get all three DLC that has come out with in all honesty its worth the price in my opinion. If you are a Zelda fan I suggest getting it just to try out NPC characters as fighters.

Overall, I’m mixed on this game. I love that it’s Zelda and I love the controls. The only issue I have (which again it may just be that this is my first Warriors game and I want to try and 100% the level my first go) is it gets extremely overwhelming easily. If you’ve played Warriors games before or you don’t mind getting all the side quests done and you enjoy the Zelda, I highly suggest buying this game at the price with all the DLC included.