Pikuniku Review

Hey there folks! Time for my first review of the New Year! Today I’m bringing you an interesting little game called Pikuniku! I have a little bit to discuss so strap in and get ready!

When I first saw this game, I thought it was a game made for the children’s channel my 4-year-old nephew watches. I never saw a video on it only the screenshots so I was a little timid of it. I took the plunge and started it up. Oh. My. God. This game has pulled me in. It’s hard to put down because you constantly tell yourself “one more mission then I’ll stop!… Welllllll okay after this one….” So far this game seems like there’s no main story, more like a collection of a bunch of missions to complete as you gain more. This is actually really nice because you can pick it up for a couple minutes at a time or while you’re watching a movie with your family, or, as Eugene says: “Use it as a pooping game!” 

Now my positives:

Honestly, this game is so simple to play. It’s a great game to play for 10 minutes at a time, or sink hours and hours at once. The art style is pretty childish, BUT, the dialogs you run into (probably a PG13 lite?) gives you a small chuckle every now and then and makes you want to actually go talk to everyone multiple times just to read all the possible dialog outcomes you can access. It runs very smooth on handheld and docked. 

My negatives: only 1.

The save states are only when you start or end a new mission. Which means during the middle of a mission you decided to quit, you gotta restart the mission from the last autosave.

Guys pick this game up if you need a simple game that you want to multitask in but don’t get surprised if you dive deep!!! I think it is definitely worth the price and if it goes on sale, BUY IT!!! This is a really decent game! Thank you for reading and I will see you all again shortly!