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The Largest and Most Anticipated Releases in the Gaming Industry

The past year was significant for the gaming community; it has brought a lot of interesting and exciting products to the market. However, this doesn’t mean that there is nothing video gaming providers can surprise us with. 2018 has prepared

How to change a name in Minecraft

Well, hello there! We are guessing that you are wondering how to change your player name in your most favorite game – Minecraft! Are we hitting the spot? Well, if so, then this is the most perfect place for you

$10 Nintendo eShop Giveaway! Enter for a chance to win a gift card!

Infendo is running yet another Nintendo giveaway, and it’s dead easy to win a free eShop giftcard! All you need to do join the eShop giveaway is click below! Don’t forget you can earn extra points everyday! Good luck, and

Pokémon Nintendo Switch Release Date and Latest News

There’s been much buzz around the new Nintendo switch to be released bringing the Pokémon experience in a new light. The “all-new Pokémon RPG” has been confirmed by Game Freak and there are much excitement and anticipation around its release

Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games for 2018

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch came as Nintendo’s reaction to a bad sale of Wii U and losses in the financial quarter. Announced in 2014, it was released back in March 2017. It went on to sell more than 14 million units in

Loot Boxes: A Discussion on Gambling Outside of Casinos

Loot-boxes have been a source of contention for some time now. I spend a fair share of my work week listing to podcast that constantly complain about, and discuss at length, loot-boxes. For those of you that may not know,