Review update: Metroid Other M in the house!

Along with resident fan-man Jack, I’ve been skeptical of Other M’s heavy use on cut scenes. After all, Metroid has always been about isolated gameplay’not dialog. Nevertheless, I’m excited to see if developer Team Ninja can smash my suspicions and surprise us all with a great game. And who knows’maybe I’ll be excited enough to bend the rules a little on when I publish my thoughts (wink, wink).


  1. This might be just the jealousy talking, but I hate you with all my hate.

    Can’t wait for the review though!

  2. Really starting to get excited about this!

  3. im not the jealous type but got damn!!! i wanna be you right now

  4. Yeah….I really wish I could be playing that right now. :p

  5. Ahhh…so freaking lucky, I won’t be getting my copy till the 7th…damn Amazon!

  6. This is bullshit! Metroid NEVER had dialogue! The intro to Super Metroid/every single cut scene in Metroid Fusion/NEVER HAPPENED! The official manga DOES NOT EXIST.


    *heart attack*

  7. @Loftus

    Please calm down. I have so far heard mostly very good things from people who have played the game and ARE METROID FANS. It will all be OK…. (I hope…)

  8. I want… <:(

  9. @bananaoomarang

    he’s making fun of the people who are hating on the game.

    Looks cool. I hope Metroid fans approach it with an open mind. Silent hill Shattered Memories was the best entry in the series in a long time yet Silent Hill fans didn’t like it because it actually dared to be different and unique.

  10. I hope its good. I mean, I’ve seen enough of the cutscenes to safely conclude that I’m not going to enjoy them in the slightest (at best), but I’m still holding out hope that the action parts of the game will still be good. I’m just glad that I can reach the mute button and the laptop from my chair. Stupid, cheesy, unskippable cutscenses. >_>

  11. @gojiguy

    Ahhhhh right. Sorry for being so slow.

  12. The cut-scenes are fine enough, I just get a bit disturbed by the hybrid gameplay the most. It still looks odd and I don’t understand how the pacing will be established in this game. I’d also like to know if the finishers become boring or repetitive as the game goes on.

    One last thing, please let us know if this game tries to mimic Xenosaga or Metal Gear Solid in its’ cut scene to gameplay ratio.

  13. Who’s the loser with the caps lock fetish and the penchant for linking to my personal blog?

    Dare I use my admin privileges and look at the IP address? Dare I guess that it’s Poochy, writing from his dark little basement? Again?

    Nah, let’s all let the mystery remain.

  14. Yeah, who’s the loser pretending to be Jack having conniptions over what early impressions and reviews have suggested is a really great game?

    He’s doing an amazing job!

  15. Yeah I could barely tell the difference between the two Jacks. That guy’s good.

  16. I guess Blake is still enjoying the game since we haven’t seen an update all weekend!

  17. I think it’s going to be on crazy train-wreck side of things. But that’s what I’m excited for!

  18. The lack of updates is testament to the power of Metroid. 🙂

  19. I wish I had a popular video game blog so video game companies would send me games before their release dates. 😉

    But anyway, I was initially very skeptical about Metroid: Other M, but I have good hopes now.

  20. The box art and typography are so lame.

  21. it got a 8.5 from nintendo power. they really like it but the controls can take a little time to adjust and while they liked the cinematics but they said at times some of them can drag

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