Metroid Other M

Metroid: Other M $7.99 at Best Buy

Metroid fans, young and old have many opinions on Metroid: Other M. Some some like it, some have been on the fence, yet others have practically boycotted the game entirely! Many have decided not to even attempt it. US Retailer Best Buy has given us all the opportunity to purchase the game at an extreme discount and give it another shot. The Best Buy web site lists the normal retail at $49.99, but ...

Nintendo news round-up: 3DS app details, Metroid cameos and more

– The upcoming game Dead or Alive Dimensions pays homage to Metroid: Other M with a Ridley boss fight stage and a cameo by everyone’s favorite bounty hunter (video in link). I wonder if Samus will be authorized to enter the fray herself. Or keep her clothes on. It’s a DoA game, after all. ( Joystiq ) – New details emerge regarding the 3DS’s built-in utility apps, such...

What do you think of Metroid Other M?

The game released yesterday. Did you play it? If so, what do you think? Is Infendo on crack? Was Mark on to something in his mixed review? More importantly, where do you think this game will rank in the annals of Metroid history? Top of the food chain, middle manager, or bottom feeder? Speak up!

Do the last five hours of Metroid: Other M redeem the first five? No.

By popular demand, I beat Metroid Other M this weekend. Did completing the game change my “meh” opinion? No. As rated in my original review, Metroid: Other M is an average game at best, made worse by limiting controls and a pathetic story. As a result, I believe Other M will go down as a top contender for “weakest Metroid ever.” That said, I did learn some things from ̶...

Mixed results: Infendo reviews Metroid Other M

Metroid: Other M is easily one of the most anticipated games of the year, but does it live up to the hype? In this critic’s opinion, no. Although a beautiful looking game and at times rewarding, it’s the other stuff that makes Other M a top contender for “weakest Metroid ever.” Primary among them: the developer seems to have been more concerned with making a movie rather th...

Review update: Metroid Other M in the house!

Along with resident fan-man Jack, I’ve been skeptical of Other M’s heavy use on cut scenes. After all, Metroid has always been about isolated gameplay’not dialog. Nevertheless, I’m excited to see if developer Team Ninja can smash my suspicions and surprise us all with a great game. And who knows’maybe I’ll be excited enough to bend the rules a little on when I publish my th...

Rant: “Filmmakers”

The only way you will ever hear me say that a “movie mode” in Metroid Other M is a “good idea” is if Team Ninja has also installed an option that allows me to play the game without any cutscenes or cheesy voice acting whatsoever. Unbelievable. I mean, really, really unbelievable. An August release date make total sense now. This game is forgotten by Christmas. I’m ang...

Metroid: Other M story trailer leaves us aching for English translation

[youtube][/youtube] One of the most exciting changes coming to the world of Metroid is the focus on Story.  Thanks to a new trailer, Japan gets a sneak peak at the characters in Samus’ new adventure.  The rest of us? We’ll just have to be content with the visuals, and wait for an English version. Our hero’s voice is a little higher pitc...

Metroid Other M: 7 things you need to know

Like Metroid, but don’t care for all that fancy shmancy first-person stuff from recent years? Then Metroid Other M might be your cup of space tea. Here are seven things you might not know about the newest game in the series for Wii. 

New Metroid Other M video shows off, speaks entirely in Japanese

[youtube][/youtube] It’s in Japanese, but this inside-look video shows a lot of fresh gameplay.

Metroid Other M Box Art is fantastic

However, Sean say’s it’s meh and compares it to the American Heavy Rain box art. Thoughts?

Metroid: Other M running two months behind, now launching Aug 31

Nintendo today delayed Metroid: Other M on Wii from its original June release to Aug 31. I would say bummer, but I’ll still be playing Mario Galaxy 2 and whatnot. Carry on.