Metroid: Other M story trailer leaves us aching for English translation


One of the most exciting changes coming to the world of Metroid is the focus on Story.  Thanks to a new trailer, Japan gets a sneak peak at the characters in Samus’ new adventure.  The rest of us? We’ll just have to be content with the visuals, and wait for an English version.

Our hero’s voice is a little higher pitched than I expected. How do the Infendo readers feel? Let us know in the comments!


  1. I don’t like the animeh voices. I really don’t like that Samus sounded like a 14-year old Japanese schoolgirl. Not cool.

    Not saying it should sound manly either, but this is a person who has endured quite a bit of hardships. You’d think she’d sound a bit tougher.

  2. Voices aside, a couple things I noticed: Random monsters (which I’m sure have some explanation) and a complete absence of Metroids and Space Pirates (which I don’t think I’ve seen in -any- trailers). I’m not saying it’s going to suck because of that, but aren’t the Pirates and the evil jellyfish sort of a centerpiece to the stories?

  3. Trailer’s great. The voices in the Japanese version of the game are completely irrelevant.

  4. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the voice actress is Ai Kobayashi. She voiced some of my favorite characters from Kino’s Journey and Mushishi.

    Would be ultra-nice of Team Ninja and Nintendo if they released Other M with dual vocal tracks. Otherwise, I just might have to import it.

  5. That funny taste in my mouth gets worse and worse every time I see anything new about this game….

  6. Samus suit is very yellow, almost green… Shouldn’t it be more orange-ish?

  7. This is awful! Really, kids, go watch Appleseed instead, save yourself $50, and enjoy a much better experience.

  8. This is going to go beyond disappointment. I believe it’s at “heart-breaking” now… It’s got nice graphics, probably the tip of the sword as far as Wii goes, but all this story crap? It’s like bad fan-fic come to life… My stomach hurts and I think I’m gonna cry…

  9. I think it looks good, and hopefully is going to be good. There’s nothing wrong with Nintendo experimenting a bit with its games. The worst that can happen is that this isn’t good, Nintendo realizes what went wrong, and a better metroid game comes out a few years after. I’m looking forward to this for the sheer fact that it is very different from the past metroid games. I’m excited for the focus on story, I think it will be able to draw us into the game more and make a stronger connection with the characters. But all this is just my opinion. I mean, do we really want the same formula over and over? Repeating formulas do eventually get old and rusty, and drifting from the path can be an interesting, if not an eye-opening, experience that every series needs. 🙂

  10. Haven Troopers xD

  11. Hypersonic, if you played any of the old metroid games then you would notice space pirates are in this game. They are the crab looking guys that are there when samus closes the door on the other troopers.

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