New Zelda: Skyward Sword trailer


Looking good, Link!


  1. Maybe I’m missing something, but isn’t this the same E3 video from last year?

  2. I need this game….NOW!!

  3. yea this is the same as the e3 trailer. I think you meant to put up this trailer

  4. @Jagsrock95. Thanks, I thought that looked like last year’s trailer. Looking forward to playing this game. Looks like they’re really taking advantage of motion plus. 🙂

  5. Anyone else not liking the new graphical style of Link? I think they should have gone with either cel-shaded or detailed again, not this mix of the two.

  6. i like the new style it brings in a good combination of both.

  7. I think the new trailer lacks color. Everything too washed-out.

  8. @Jaster: I agree. I think it takes the best from WW and TP and combines them.

  9. Is there some kind of internal Infendo contest to see who can make the most worthless post?


    *shows almost year old trailer*


  10. @Artefacto yeah it’s the same one.

  11. So they show a brief shot of what I’m guessing to be the villain, and it’s… Magus from Chrono Trigger? Seriously, the guy looks very Toriyama-y.

  12. this is the same video as at e3. jagsrock95 has the right video.

  13. @Drahken: I think that’s the new Midna/Navi-type character; the “sword”.

  14. You would think they’d have fixed the link by now…

  15. @Caleb

    I doubt that. The guy looks two evil and/or menacing to be the in-game partner. Those are often-times female and definitely friendly and/or cute looking. Navi, Ezlo, Midna, Tetra, even Linebeck. This guy just looks too nasty.

    Plus, the VERY first image released for the game way back at E3 2009 was this: They said THAT is to be the incarnation of the sword. Clearly it’s not that guy. In fact, it looks like a cute female.

  16. @Drahken: yeah, when compared to the original image Nintendo released, I guess it’s not the same character. Plus, it looks like the statue he’s sitting on when we first see him is the boss that Link is fighting at the end of the trailer–perhaps with this character controlling it?

    Either way, he’s not what I’ve come to expect from Zelda villains. He’s a little different somehow; more of a Kefka feel to him.

  17. looks like familiar zelda with added slashing- not a bad thing really. i’m looking forward to seeing something about the narrative.

    when TP was teased I went out and watched LadyHawk. Not yet sure what I’ll have to do to prep for this…. but i’m excited to find out! (pls give me a reason to rewatch Willow)

  18. The real trailer looks promising. I’m excited to see the MotionPlus used to its full potential.

    Blake… please fix the video link! The readers are right; the one you posted is from E3.

  19. Personally, I’m not too sure about this game. I mean, it has interesting ideas, and I like the deeper looking combat, but there’s a bit too much of a puzzle slant/focus to the whole thing and the weird ‘villain’ shown seems too… Japanese RPG villain styled and not being particularly menacing (why don’t Nintendo call this ‘Ganon is dead’ timeline stuff quits and just return to decent antagonists?)

  20. ahh that music…. it is magic.

    watched a couple of times a lot of gameplay idea’s i see