What do <em>you</em> think of Metroid Other M?


The game released yesterday. Did you play it? If so, what do you think? Is Infendo on crack? Was Mark on to something in his mixed review? More importantly, where do you think this game will rank in the annals of Metroid history? Top of the food chain, middle manager, or bottom feeder? Speak up!


  1. I’m too soon to tell. I just now got to “Sector 1” and trying to figure out what I need to do there.

    I somehow got stuck in a room where Super Missiles were how I needed to advance. So either I made a wrong turn, or missed an early upgrade (unlikely tho for an upgrade that fast).

    This Adam is a prick though. He didn’t give me permission to use bombs, my ass. At that point in the game, I didn’t agree to take orders from him yet. πŸ™ lol

  2. Just entered sector 2, and so far im digging the game, it’s definitely different from the prime series, and in some ways different from the original 2d games.

    I’m disappointed in the lack of health pickups, though, recovering missiles at any time i choose is a plus.

    Considering the mixed reviews so far, im glad i’m really taking to the game. As for you guys not liking the game, i dunno, to each their own i guess? Either way so far my reactions is overall positive.

  3. Didn’t get it because Infendo told me not too, and I do whatever Infendo says. I haven’t got the time to make decisions for myself.

  4. I wasn’t going to leave a comment as I have no intention of ever buying this game so I was just going to keep my nose out of it but…

    @Noveli… that was funny. That should be the final comment on the Metroid fanboy inspired “Metroidgate’.

    But it won’t be. We have yet to hear from poochy and vanos telling us how spectacular the game is in every way and how they will never come back to Infendo ever again (except they do).

    Yes, yes I instigate.


    In addition to my warning, also let it be known that I have very little experience with Metroid, having only messed around with the SNES offerings a little, and not played the Prime series only because I was burnt out on First-Person Shooters at the time.

    3 out of 5 stars.
    70 (ish) out of 100

    I put both of those as neither one really conveys a full opinion to me. For a game that uses only the WiiMote, the controls just plain work. Most of the game being played with one set of controls, but having the option to point at the screen to really get in the middle of everything, works. With how faced paced the standard game/movement is, I was personally frustrated every time the controls went to the Resident Evil-style over the shoulder controls, but maybe that’s just me. Now, the bigger issue here (which is partially related) is why the controls work. The answer to that is simple: the game is really easy.

    There are no two ways to cut it, the game is really easy to play, and should it be difficult in any way, the game is extraordinarily forgiving, with infinite ammo for all your weapons and, ultimately, infinite life. Mindless peons are easy to just blast through, keeping your thumb continually moving on the D-pad (so as to frequently dodge for large groups of strong(er) enemies, and auto-targeting on whatever is closest prevent the fights from being a challenge.

    The tone and feel of the game is very mixed as well. At points the game feels like a pulpy, space noir, survival horror game, others it feels like a run and gun action game, and lastly it can be a (mediocre) FPS. All of this is achieved in various ways, from the limiting of controls to the slower paced over-the-shoulder movement (which slows down gameplay and add that sense “what’s about to happen?”) to a well-done score that haunts you at times. The problem with all of this, however, is that whenever there is a cut-scene, largely due to poor scripting and voice-acting, all the space-horror disappears in “teen” angst and drama.

    That is one area I wish to disagree with many people on, though. Yes, there are cut-scenes, and initially, it seems to be overwhelming. After less than thirty minutes in the game however, they are drastically cut back and for the most part are less than two minutes in length. If anyone thinks that there are too many cut-scenes in this game, go play some Final Fantasy XIII, and then come talk. The two biggest problems with the cut-scenes is the acting quality and that they continually flash back to older issues, that really are not so complex or hard to understand that they needed to be addressed repeatedly, instead of in one (maybe larger) cut-scene.

    In conclusion, the game is more than just a good distraction, but not by much. I do not believe that upon completion, I will find myself trying the game again to give it another go. Probably worth owning, but not if you feel the only games worth owning are games that must be played more than once. Solidly 3 out of 5 stars, and 70%.

  6. I’m on the fence about it. I’m still hearing really really good things about it, and then I’m hearing really really bad things about it.

    As such, I’m probably waiting for it to go on sale around the Holidays. Or maybe I’ll use the money that would have gone towards this and put it towards a Classic Controller Pro and a Wii Points card.

    Kinda “meh” right now.

  7. I think I might be eating a little crow on this one. I picked up Metroid: Other M on my way home from work last night. Right off the bat: the control scheme is hit and miss (missiles are broken and it feels like there are missing options in the menus, but everything else is pretty tight) and the narrative/dialogue script is just plain awful at times (“I stared at my palm….” Really, Nintendo?). The art direction, though, is gorgeous, excellent design and execution. Actually, the game reminds me a lot of Metroid Fusion and all of its unique implements (at an abstract level). The game play is fluid, though, and is surprisingly good at recreating the same “feel” as Super Metroid. I have to admit that I’m pleasantly surprised by the game overall and I’m glad I decided to pick it up. It’s a beautiful experiment that I think succeeds 90% of the time, it’s just that the few quirks that are there are such a contrast to the rest of the game’s production values. Conclusion: Definitely no Metroid Prime or Super Metroid, but Metroid: Other M is a beautiful and unique game to itself (it’s just that its progenitors are such amazing games to begin with), innovative and daring. The developer in me and the fanboy in me are going to meet in the middle on this one and give it 85/100.

  8. I like this game, mainly because they gave Samus actual EMOTIONS instead of making her some generic badass.

  9. @RisnDevil : …gohardmodethesecondplaythoughifitistooeasy…..
    ….I said nothing….:P

  10. on the top for me!!!

  11. Im loving this game.
    The story, atmosphere and graphics are all win win win.
    Maybe this explains why I didnt like the Prime Series?
    Aside from scanning and reading shit, I found it to be just another 1st person shooter
    with hints of Metroidism.
    This looks and feels like Super Metroid 2010.

  12. So far so good. I prefer this to the Prime Series as well, again they didn’t do anything for me.

  13. @Linkario

    If developers want to include an “Easy Mode” in the game, that’s fine, but the default play , or “Normal Mode,” should not be “Easy Mode” difficulty level. Also, I don’t feel the game is good enough to warrant that second play, even with the harder difficulty.

  14. Hey RisnDevil, how does a 3/5 equal 70%? It’s… uh… 60%.

  15. @Mark: He was saying that it was hard to articulate exactly how he’d score it. So it’s somewhere between 3/5 (60%) and 70%. At least, I think that’s what he said.

  16. I haven’t played it yet, but my bro who is a super metroid die hard fanboy who played and loved all the prime games and etc thinks its fantastic and is really happy they finally gave the character a voice and some personality. I think I’m gonna pick it up. Those who are giving it bad reviews seem to be trolling or holding Nintendo to a completely different standard because its a metroid game and not letting it stand on its own feet.

    too bad.

  17. i wasn’t keen on the idea from the start, but i love the franchise so i gave it the benefit of the doubt. let’s just say i miss prime more and more everyday…

  18. I haven’t gotten my copy from Amazon yet. :'(

  19. I just picked this up a little while ago today. My thoughts? really amazing Metroid adventure!! I don’t get al the complaining about just using wii mote contrils in 3D space. I find it works overall pretty well. Sure I woudl not mind a nunchuk attachment option, but this control scheme gets the job done.

    I really think it is great that Nintendo partnered with team ninja on this. This just gives the series a much needed refresh and reboot. Thik about it, the metroid games have not changed all that much in the past ten years or so. Well, the console ones, anyway. It is kind of like how the Zelda games themselves had not changed very much. Pretty stellar graphics for a wii game too, I might add. When I first booted it up , I said, “wow, this is original xbox quality.

    My review? This gets an 8/10

  20. One more thing, This may not be the greatest Metroid game in the series, (and it isn’t) but I woudl way it is between super metroid and Zero Mission. I agree the sotry is kind of weak as well. πŸ™ I also don’t like the linearity of it. It kind of holds your hadn at times. I miss the exploration from Super Metroid and Metroid prime series. The isolation element that has plaqued the series and that has made metroid what it is seeems to be missing too. The game definately has flaws,it’s not perfect, but this is still a great experience on wii and glad I got this. I recommend this to anyone who got turned off from the prime series (including myself). Also, to anyone who loves Metroid as much as I do. πŸ™‚

  21. I’m about 3 hours in and in sector 2 right now… I like the game so far… a 9 out of 10 at highest so far… but it kinda feels like an 8.6 or something like that… But I am really l am really looking forward to what comes next!

    Also, I feel weird cuz my complaints are completely different from the general perspective.


    *I love the control scheme and think it is the most creative and unique control that feels tight, fast, and intuitive.

    *Story is fine. Samus says a bit too much sometimes, but that’s it… It’s a small con for me…

    CONS (I think their small problems though)

    *The colors for the enemies really don’t make me take them seriously…. The little rabbit thingy, the pink/purple monsters… yeah… u get the picture….

    *I kinda don’t really like the slow investigative parts where u can’t run… I feel so slow and fat when I have to go at that speed….

  22. it is a pretty awesome game in my opinion, the controls took a while to get used to but after a while i was owning all those baddys i even caught myself yelling at the enemies i was really into it lol. the only problem i had was when i killed a boss i was always expecting to get something πŸ™ i wish they would had made her lose her powers or something but oh well still an awesome game, also zero suit samus is hot ;). but all in all great game . 9/10 from me

  23. I played it for about an hour today and loved it. My favorite part so far is in Sector 1 where you fight the reptilian things that roll. It’s awesome to dodge an attack, let loose a charge shot at one of the beasties, then finish it off with an awesome Lethal Strike, where Samus jumps over the thing and shoots it in the face. Truly amazing combat, and I love the story as well so far.

  24. Finally managed to get a copy, and I must say that I am really enjoying this game. The battles are really adrenaline pumping and hardcore, I’m really liking how she’s dodging around them and doing those lethal strikes to finish them off, it really gives more tactics to the fighting in the game. The story so far has kept me fully entertained and it’s been awhile since a game has kept me from wanting to shut it off. So far so good, Im just getting to sector 2 after sector 3. πŸ™‚

  25. I got tried of waiting for Amazon to deliver my copy and I went down to Toys R Us and bought one, and LOVE IT! It’s a awesome game, I think Team Ninja has done a good job making a unique Metroid game. I am not a fan of Samus talking, and I think she talks a bit too much but other than that loving the game so far!

  26. OK I beat the game. (I won’t give spoilers)

    First of all, I can say this. FUCK X-PLAY FOR THEIR SHITTY REVIEW.

    OK, moving on.

    The game is awesome in my perspective. It can start a little slow at first but it can get way harder with the last bosses. Also, don’t let the beginning fool you. It turns hardcore on the 2nd half of the game. You also get to fight bosses from previous Metroid games. The story is actually very interesting. It fills in holes. You-know-what, I’ll say it. You get to fight actual Metroids in the game. This game also has unpredictable plot twists and explains the “Other M.” Final Verdict: GET THIS GAME NOW !

    Gameplay 10/10 (Nuff Said)
    Controls 8/10 (Minor Problems)
    Graphics 9/10 (One of better wii graphics)
    Story 8/10 (Meh at first, but Holy Shit at the end)
    Overall: 8.8 – Keeps Franchise Going

  27. Great game well done. The 2D perspective is great for when your are battleling lots of enemies. The first person is great for precise battles. Game play is smothe, I love rail games, this one has an seems to slip in and out of that mode. Even the 2D map takes you into a 3D world.

  28. Zero Punctuation has a review up, just so you know… It’s rather good (and you’ll find, agreeable)

  29. Gameplay 7/10
    Controls 7/10
    Graphics 10/10
    Story 9/10
    Overall: 7