Metroid Other M

Does Other M stand for the Other Metroid?

Is this what ‘Other M’ really stands for? The Other Metroid?

More Metroid Other M game play footage

[youtube][/youtube]Well would you look at me and my opinion on Metroid Other M. Swaying back in forth like a sock in the wind. Before, I was skeptical. The response? Critical. Expected. Now, I see this video, and I can admit that I’m more intrigued at this moment in time than I was even a mere five minutes ago. The voice acting and take-me-seriously ...

This cutscene-heavy Metroid Other M trailer makes me sad

It’s a good thing Super Mario Galaxy 2’s trailer blew me away by oozing utter FUN when I saw it last week, because all these cutscene-laden, voice acted bits of fluff trickling out of the Team Ninja camp regarding Metroid Other M are really starting to damage my calm. Seriously, who spilled hammy, Final Fantasy angst and cinematics all over my Metroid franchise? Simply awful. No wonder...

Infendo hands-on: Metroid Other M, a mix of Prime and Ninja Gaiden in contextual 3D

Space. Wreckage. An storm of asteroids or possibly energy particles, destroying the remainder. And in the midst of the chaos and nothingness, a familiar-looking yellow-haired child encased in a sphere of energy, rendered in beautiful CG. Cut. “Why am I still alive?” speaks Samus in a cool, computer-like voice, dejected yet curious, as she stares out the inside of the translucent jelly ...

Metroid Other M arrives Jun 27, a month after Mario

Just announced by Nintendo. New media and additional details incoming…

Metroid Other M coming out in the Summer?

Metroid Other M is supposed to be launching sometime during the Summer according to the translation of the Japanese teaser website. Is 2010 the year of Nintendo? Maybe… just maybe. [Via Metroid Other M] ~Thanks for the Tip Kale

Metroid: Other M to return to traditional lineage, says Reggie

In a recent interview with Gamespot, Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aime said that Nintendo turned to Team Ninja to help them bring the Metroid franchise back to a “harder edge” game more in line with traditional Metroid titles.

Metroid: Other MSo did anyone realize this?

In the trailer for Metroid: Other M, this commander asks “Samus” if there was “Any objections, lady?”. The only person in the entire Metroid series to even refer to Samus as a Lady was Adam Malkovich. Who is apparently dead in the Metroid Fusion timeline, so we know this game is going to be before that one. In the trailer it suggests that their is another Samus, but accordi...

Metroid: Other M – E3 2009 Trailer

[youtube][/youtube] Whoa…

Nintendo, Team Ninja collaborate on Metroid

Nintendo brought out the big guns for today’s E3 press conference, and no one on the company’s roster has a bigger gun than Samus. Bringing Nintendo’s presentation to a dramatic close and prompting enthusiastic applause from the audience, Reggie Fils-Aime announced his company is collaborating with Tecmo’s famed development studio Team Ninja on an all-new Metroid game for W...

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