This cutscene-heavy Metroid Other M trailer makes me sad


It’s a good thing Super Mario Galaxy 2’s trailer blew me away by oozing utter FUN when I saw it last week, because all these cutscene-laden, voice acted bits of fluff trickling out of the Team Ninja camp regarding Metroid Other M are really starting to damage my calm.

Seriously, who spilled hammy, Final Fantasy angst and cinematics all over my Metroid franchise?

Simply awful. No wonder Nintendo is rushing this thing out the door with a summer release.


  1. What I can’t stand is how Samus is now “given permission” to use new items instead of finding them. Good work guys – a bounty hunter that asks permission to use missles.

  2. I don’t personally see where you’re going with this. Aside from the text for emphasis it all seemed appropriately serious but adult. There weren’t any girly men. There wasn’t any uber melodramatic weeping, shouting, mouth crimping, inappropriate hand waving or any of the other ‘acting’ final fantasies suffer from. There also weren’t any meaningless superfluous camera sweeps, bullet times or gun/sword totting. Yeah, so they’re breaking the lonely end-of-Alien feeling that Metroid’s all about, but that’s just so far. For such an important property I’ll reserve judgement on the ‘tone’ until it’s out. In the mean time I’m quite excited at the prospect of backstory to complement that old Manga.

  3. Nintendo fans will never be happy. All we ever do is clamor for Nintendo to make mature, adult, AAA titles for their systems, and now that they are trying to do it we STILL COMPLAIN!! They do what everyone wants them to do… They team with an awesome developer to make a deep, story driven game, and all of a sudden everyone says “NO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING??” I just don’t get it.

  4. @elmer. Amen to that.

    Jack, aren’t you kind of writing off a game based off of a 1 minute long trailer? Given the fact that all of the hands-on impressions from the people who actually played the game were nothing short of glowing, your opinion of a single cutscene reflecting the quality of an entire game is hardly valid.

    And “rushing out for a summer release” is a really dumb statement when you mention being excited for Galaxy 2 which comes out one month before this game.

  5. This looks great. Everytime I see Other M my anticipation grows. Heck, everytime I see something Metroid related my Metroid love grows. I hated the Metroid II, but know I love most Metroids.

    I love the aproach Other M has, it’s like a Nintendo gme made by another developer took some concessions. Oh snap, Team Ninja is making it. Nintendo needs to outsource a console Zelda to Capcom. We need new Link, or New Zelda. Completely new Zelda.

    Or they could stop tying down Aonuma’s hands.

  6. I do agree that the trailer did failed to excite or tickle me in that special place. I just have a problem when somebody compares two different video games together. I mean FF and Metroid? Platformer vs. JRPG? I gotta admit that the voice acting is a little surprise. When it comes to cut scenes I feel that they never take me away from the overall experience. On another note I like the personal touch. I’ve aways wondered what it would be like if a beloved Nintendo Character could talk. What would this fictional character say about the situation that wasn’t text? By adding a voice you a depth.

  7. Excuse me? This looks great. If you want a deeper story, the characters have to have feelings, you know. And I don’t see why you are implying this game won’t be fun, because the gameplay is supposedly awesome. The Mario Galaxy trailer looked fun because it was 99% gameplay footage.

    I say bring on the pathos. For every laugh there should be a tear. Let’s take Disney films for example. They have lots of humor, interlaced with pathos. Think of how sad you were when Mufasa died. Now think how hard you laughed when Timon did the hula dance. Interlace all of those different feelings in the film, and you’ve got a great movie.

    Also, it’s not fair to judge a game by the trailer.

  8. I just dont get why Nintendo spends all this time and money on creating gorgeous CG cutscenes…

    …and then compresses the shit out of them and downgrades them into pixellated, blurry 480p.

    And that trailer did look bad- but I doubt the game will be.

  9. Who said anything about fair?

    And, what game? All I saw was a poor CGI movie. When there’s a game to judge, I’ll do so.

    “Jack, aren’t you kind of writing off a game based off of a 1 minute long trailer?”

    Why yes, I am. Did I say I wasn’t?

    “Given the fact that all of the hands-on impressions from the people who actually played the game were nothing short of glowing, your opinion of a single cutscene reflecting the quality of an entire game is hardly valid. ”

    Hey, maybe the game play IS great. Did I say it wasn’t? Do you see the pattern here?

    In any event, the game play could be through the roof, but if I have to sit through Team Ninja’s CGI fest, a taste of which this video provides above, I’m going to lose interest, and that stellar game play is going to suffer.

    Who knows. Maybe this is just me playing the reverse psychology card, hoping my meager blog posts can convince Nintendo to take some creative control over this title and make it a serious game. Maybe this post was all about me secretly hoping this title will surprise me. I actually hope it does, really, because this trailer sure didn’t.

  10. Cutscenes are one of my favorite parts of a game. I tend to love cutscene heavy game, because all my hard work feels so rewarding when I get an awesome cutscene. I’m really looking forward to this game, and I think they’ve been working on it since corruption.

  11. Perhaps the gameplay will be great, but I’m not excited about the things they seem to have done to Samus’ character. Replace Samus with Link in that trailer and maybe you’ll get a sense of what I mean. It just doesn’t fit.

  12. Aw don’t whine. It’s Metroid. Give it a chance. Let’s wait and see.

  13. Well when you use phrases like “No wonder Nintendo is rushing this out for a summer release” it sounds like you’re dismissing the game as a whole, and that includes the gameplay. So yes, you did at least infer that the gameplay is going to be bad.

    And I need some clarification on your comment: you say that you ARE writing off the game as “bad” based on the trailer, but then you claim that you didn’t say that the gameplay was going to be bad. I’m having trouble nailing down why you think a new way of telling story in Metroid is going to = bad game.

  14. @El Hajjish… that was the demo where she was asked to use the missiles by the weird people with the black guy.(sorry cant remember their name)

    Jack, this trailer is supposed to be like that. with voice acting(which i think is great). and its hinting to us what its going to be about. Im sure if they wanted to blow people away with an awesome trailer they would have added gameplay like the galaxy 2 trailer did. so you cant simply let this trailer make you think its awful. Haha it actually makes me laugh in rage that youre really this close-minded. lol why are you getting mad that it looks like a typical ninja gaiden product? well, what do you expect? they did co-produce it. and theres nothing wrong with the way the cutscenes look.
    hmmm, when you post something that would offend people you cant expect people to agree with you. keep on trollin.

  15. You know what I say when things like this happen? Just be thankful its not Wii Music 2. AMEN.

  16. Turned my stomach almost as much as the actual screenshots they released. I can already tell that the game’s design is going to feel too unorthodox and completely disconnected from the franchise. Samus is NOT Ryu Hayabusa, and I get the feeling that this game is going to end up a bad re-skinning of Ninja Gaiden. I’m scared to death about this game and I feel like this could be the final straw for me with Nintendo. They ruin my all-time favorite franchise and I’m outta here. No more Nintendo for me. That’s it. Just getting sick of their B.S…. I can hear Gumpei Yokoi rolling over and over in his grave…. May his troubled soul haunt them forever.

  17. I saw the trailer and was interested and satisfied with it.

    I read what you thought about it and was confused.

    I honestly don’t mind Cutscenes in a video game, it give the characters backstory and progresses the story along. I’m honestly excited for this game. Sure, it’s gonna be different from the other Metroid games, but I think that’s what it’s trying to accomplish, trying to be different. with a story, face paced gameplay, ect. I remember when People complained that Nintendo didn’t care for anything anymore, and just money, and released a bunch of crap, and I love how when Nintendo tried to actually please it’s hardcore fans with a game like this and SMG2, everyone is still complaining.

  18. This game is going to rock your mom so hard she is going to lose over 80 pounds. So hard, yea, yea, yea, so hard.

  19. Yeah, I’m not digging the story-focused approach with this one. And I especially dislike these cutscenes. I really want a new gameplay video. I know I’m going to enjoy playing this game, but I also know that this story-telling nonsense is going to be a huge ass turn-off when I start playing. I bought a Wii to get away from these bloated cutscenes and movie-like qualities the other machines have.

  20. I think this game drives the series in another direction, which is a good thing, because it would be dull to do another prime, you can’t reach that succes. I’m not much of a first person shooter and I very welcome this game, also the cutscenes, I want a nice story, because what I missed in Metroid games is sympathy and empathy…

  21. I think it really depends how they incorporate such cut scenes. I must admit I’m not really familiar with Team Ninja’s previous works, so perhaps you are aware of some tendencies of their works that I am not. Let’s wait and see how they do so before we condemn it, shall we? I don’t know much about “poor CGI”, that looks pretty high quality as far as I’m concerned.

  22. “And I need some clarification on your comment: you say that you ARE writing off the game as “bad” based on the trailer, but then you claim that you didn’t say that the gameplay was going to be bad. I’m having trouble nailing down why you think a new way of telling story in Metroid is going to = bad game.”

    Please read:

    “In any event, the game play could be through the roof, but if I have to sit through Team Ninja’s CGI fest, a taste of which this video provides above, I’m going to lose interest, and that stellar game play is going to suffer.”


  23. Wow thats a lot of hate. I haven’t been this excited for a Metroid game since fusion. Don’t get me wrong I have played and beaten every Metroid except Metroid II which I played but did not beat. I loved all of them including the Prime series and combining 2-D Metroid with 3-D Metroid and adding beautiful C.G. Cut scenes will be great. I can’t wait for this game I think Jack should wait to play this before making such harsh opinions about it.

  24. I liked it.

  25. Jack,

    I’ll not attack you because I understand your point, but keep in mind, we were nervous as F&CK when we heard what Retro was going to do with the franchise and look how that turned out.

    I agree, this trailer is way too teen-angsty for me, but with 2 great dev powerhouses behind it, I’ll reserve any judgement until I get my hands on it.

    This could be the out-of-left-field, spicy new direction that Metroid needed just like the Prime games ended up being.

    I’m excited and cautiously optimistic. I’ve learned to like it when Nintendo takes risks.

    And I don’t like the idea that Nintendo fans always bitch, which helps color my comments. I feel like that is for the core gamers to do, not Nintendo fan men. 🙂

  26. the cut scene looks beautiful, but it is really reminiscent of a final fantasy look and i have to agree with jack that this trailor didn’t set the tone for a metroid game with me. this is another step away from prime and not in the direction i wanted. once i found out it’s a third person perspective and you can’t move in first person i realized this will be totally different and not in a good way (i will reserve final judgement after i play, but i get the feeling i’m not going to like this new metroid series). to be clear i never complained about prime and only wanted more of that lonely-desolate feeling and style nintendo created and never asked them to stray from their formula. now i’m worried one of my most beloved franchises is being whored out for the self proclaimed “hardcore” sect.

  27. Personally, I’ll wait till I get the game to make judgments on it, but, I will say that I own all three Prime games and could never get into them. They just did not feel right to me. Hopefully, this game will restore my faith in the Metroid franchise. Also, I’ve not seen the cut scenes, but they would have to go a long ways to beat the cheesy story moments from Metroid Fusion. Love that game, but could do without the story. Perhaps this one will be the same.

  28. I’m glad there changing it.

    it’s a whole new series and take on it. I love cut moveis as like somone else said feels like I’m rewarded.I also want to find more out bout sanus as a person as she has like no personality. looking fowared to exploring it all in differnt view. change is good, we all should no that by now from the wii coming out. they can’t just slap on woo controls as everyone cries about it.

    be happy for once!!! and get the game!! and enjoy it!! and be thank full they made an effort to change it all instead of just slapping n wii controls!!feeeeck!!! it’s what the wii was orignaly meant to be all about! we’ve had taste of metorid with wii controls as a shooter, so now it’s time for more.

    heck I’d love the same thing for zelda. for link to talk and for the game to reborn. it’s the best way for nintendo toappeal to ne hardcore audence aswell as it’s fans. as hardcore peeps love all the epicnesss!!

    rant over!!!

    peace and love xx

  29. Yes, I read that, but WHY is the gameplay going to suffer? Because the story is being told in a different way? Because the tone of these cutscenes isn’t 100% to what you want? The way I’ve seen it, you’re just not paying attention to any of the other good things said about this game so far, just so you can focus on the one thing you don’t find favorable. A teaser trailer no less, something that hasn’t even been seen in concurrence of the game as a final package. It just makes more sense to me to look at all aspects of a game before claiming that the CGI will be what ruins it.

  30. watch this and then tell me you still hate the cut scenes

  31. jagsrock95 man that video is amazing!!

  32. Good Lord…talk about overreaction. And way to paint yourself into a corner then argue in circles when you’re called out on it. Are you prepping for a political career?

  33. I LIKE IT!! But, yes, that’s just a CGI cut scene… when are we going to see some actual game play?? Until then, I’ll keep playing with my old Metroid, thank you very much.

  34. Called out on what? That I never said anything about the game play, but did say something about how this particular trailer made the game look awful? Also, that game play was lauded as good, but I could see myself (read: me, as in personal opinion) not enjoying the gameplay, no matter how awesome, because the angst and “treat me like a big boy” cutscenes and CGI were so off putting? Is that me arguing in circles, or you just missing the point in your rush to hit the enter key?

    I guess you missed a few things. Nothing new, but no worries. Thanks for being you, and for your continued reading of this web site!

  35. we’ve already seen gameplay invisible man.

    Jack stop being closeminded, this trailer is meant to add mystery to it.
    why are you so fussy about it looking like ninja gaiden?

  36. haha jack got called out. how does it feel to get burnt by your own readers?

  37. Ok yes I would rather have a good game than good cut-scenes, but I always thought that, this was where the series would sort of end up.
    I think this is the transition into a more grownup Metroid series, and personally I cannot wait.
    As for the lack of action in this footage I think that is just simply to add suspense, or something like that.
    So I cannot wait for this to come out, and I will be adding this to my Metroid Prime Trilogy, and Super Metroid (downloaded onto the wii) collection so far

  38. D-Rockets created the cut-scenes, not Team Ninja. Just to give you some insight on the trailer, it shows Samus very young when she first joined the Galactic Federation (probably after Ridley had killed her parents). She felt apprehensive about the whole thing and the monologue and mannerisms reflected it. I don’t how having Samus showing emotions suddenly makes the game itself bad. When did Final Fantasy have a monopoly on showing emotions? I can assure you that Samus isn’t the weepy, hissy fit type.

    “No wonder Nintendo is rushing this thing out the door with a summer release.” And you think SMG2 isn’t a rush job? It’s SMG with more levels with Yoshi. I’m not saying I’m not excited for SMG2, but the engine was already made and Nintendo just capitalized on it by releasing and easy sequal. To give praise to SMG2 and say Other M is a rush job is hypocritical of you.

  39. Let’s not forget that Metroid was initially a third-person side scroller. Suddenly we had a glut of first-person Metroid game and now people can’t go back to playing a third-person Metroid game. Reminds me of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars when it went back to the slightly over-head view of its predecessors and suddenly no one wanted to play it because it wasn’t like GTA III even though it was one of the best GTA games to come out.

  40. Jack, your initial post, while debatable, wasn’t that bad but your follow up comments have a certain arrogance about them which isn’t particularly likeable.

  41. I can’t wait for this game.

    And yes this post was surprisingly negative…

  42. One more pathetic gamer who thinks whining, bitching, nitpicking, and complaining makes him “cool.” What a joke. Metroid: Other M has better graphics, visuals, and gameplay than any Metroid game to date, and we haven’t even had a chance to play it yet. But is it good enough for Whiney McBitcherton? Of course not. Nintendo fans suck at appreciating the great games Nintendo puts out.

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