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Is this the beginning of the end for Nintendo?

I’ve said for a while now that for all its success over the past five years Nintendo actually never had any idea what it was doing, but this latest Wii U rumor seals the deal beyond a reasonable doubt. Basically,

Rumor: Price chopped 3DS is already being targeted for a major do-over

When it rains it pours: Nintendo is allegedly sending the 3DS back to the shop for a major 2012 overhaul, including a head-scratching $10 add-on thumbstick that will attach to the devices’s right side and a decreased emphasis on 3D

I don’t think Nintendo ever had any idea what it was doing

The Wii and the Nintendo philosophy of 2005—the console and company with such promise—are dead. They just don’t know it yet.

Name that company

Hey! A little game to start off our Tuesday. What fun! Here it goes. It’s pretty simple: Guess the mystery company using the clues provided. Blame the customers for lower than expected sales. Fledgling handheld. Rumored $400 next-gen console. Ignore

I’m not buying the Nintendo 3DS

Huh. Typing out those words was a bit easier than I thought it would be, especially for such an ardent fanman like myself. One more time, just to be sure: I’m not going to buy a 3DS. Here’s why:

Angry Birds creator becoming kind of a dick

First off, I love Angry Birds! I check it for updates more actively than any of my other iOS apps, and I have both the original version and the candy-coated “holiday” versions—including V-Day, St. Pat’s Day, Xmas and Halloween. I