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Derek picks favorite Wii games of 2011

Let’s be honest. 2011 wasn’t exactly the Nintendo Wii’s best year. Sales continued to dip, and it suffered a game drought that made even GameCube’s driest days seem prosperous in hindsight. But even so, there were still some great Wii

Mario and Mickey’s “missteps” are similar

Despite its obvious flaws, I’ve always been a vocal defender of Super Mario Sunshine. Lately, it seems I’ve taken the same role for Wii’s Epic Mickey, but my support isn’t the only thing these two games have in common. This

Derek names top ten Donkey Kong games ever made, gets help from ape himself

To celebrate the ape’s 30th birthday and the release of his outstanding 1994 Game Boy title on the 3DS eShop, I’ve tried to pick the best Donkey Kong games of all-time. And I got a little help—if you want to

Happy trails: Ten best Wii games remaining

Remember when consecutive vowels were the most confusing thing about a Nintendo system? Those bygone days when console names didn’t end with text messages? And U thought a remote seemed like a crazy idea. Nearly five years have passed since

This game wasn’t worth $3.99 in 1989

Let alone 2011. Although it was an undeniably significant Game Boy title, Super Mario Land has never been a very good one, and the asking price of $3.99 to relive this awkward and inferior Mario misstep is absurd. As Blake

Nintendo rep. spills rupees on Skyward story

They’ve kept a strictly professional relationship for decades, but Link and Princess Zelda may soon have their Jim and Pam moment. Men don’t explore dungeons for nothing. According to the fan site Zelda Universe, the plot in the upcoming Zelda