Nintendo, Team Ninja collaborate on Metroid

Nintendo brought out the big guns for today’s E3 press conference, and no one on the company’s roster has a bigger gun than Samus.

Bringing Nintendo’s presentation to a dramatic close and prompting enthusiastic applause from the audience, Reggie Fils-Aime announced his company is collaborating with Tecmo’s famed development studio Team Ninja on an all-new Metroid game for Wii subtitled Other M.

In a dramatic shift from Samus’ adventures in the Metroid Prime trilogy, the trailer for Metroid: Other M showed a camera switching between first and third-person perspectives for varying gameplay.

“I’m guessing even the most passionate Metroid fans found some surprise in the trailer for Metroid: Other M,” said Fils-Aime on-stage at E3. “This historic collaboration (between Nintendo and Team Ninja) is going to reveal a Metroid unlike any you’ve experienced before.”

Metroid: Other M is currently scheduled to hit Wii in 2010.